A Quinisencially English Gentleman

  Quickbeam 08:13 18 Oct 2007

I went to see Henry 'Blowers' Blofeld (the cricket commentator) last night at the local theatre.

I was amazed that for all the plumbs in his mouth, he was a very funny and colourful wit... probably the most un-PC routine around. He certainly wouldn't be allowed on todays TV!

  Weskit 10:07 18 Oct 2007

You led me on a chase to find the meaning of "quintessential" - "most typical" or "perfect example". Is he really?

  Quickbeam 10:29 18 Oct 2007

yes... I sensed just like us all, he was very much a 'jack the Lad' in his youth! Most famous Etonians are quite lively charaters.

  spuds 11:32 18 Oct 2007

Like most of these celebrities, what you see and hear on tv and radio, and what they present to a small 'enclosed' audience can be two different ball games.

Freddie Truman, Dicky Bird, Tony Benn, Blaster Bates are but a few who were/are masters in the art.

  ventanas 11:49 18 Oct 2007

His is one voice I could listen to for ages. His knowledge of the habits of pigeons and buses is remarkable.

  john bunyan 19:23 21 Oct 2007

I seem to remember his immortal commentary: "The bowler's Holding , the batsman's Willie. Unfortunately he forgot the punctuation !

  ventanas 08:43 22 Oct 2007

Sorry, but it was Brian Johnston who made that gaff about Michael Holding and Peter Willy.

It always caused him much mirth afterwards. Another wonderful man from the wonderful world of cricket.

  Spark6 10:17 22 Oct 2007

Your post has reminded me of the funniest commentary Jonners was involved in. The 'Botham failing to get his leg over the wicket' one with Aggers.

  newman35 10:24 22 Oct 2007

Yet another spelling of 'Willey'. How many are there? (:-)

  ventanas 10:41 22 Oct 2007

Yep I was wrong. Your spelling is correct.

click here

  ventanas 10:44 22 Oct 2007

Although this site claims Wisden as having no record of the comment, in one of his final books "Rain Stops Play," Brian Johnston does make mention of it.

Who believes Wisden anyway.

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