Quiet tonight. How about a song from Ellie Goulding?

  rdave13 01:02 07 Dec 2013


Not a bad song I think.

  rdave13 01:26 07 Dec 2013

Another catchy one by Selena Gomez Come & Get It.

  rdave13 01:49 07 Dec 2013

Funny thing is I can't find a male singer here in the UK that can create songs as the above. Selena's producers use Eastern and Western styles to great effect. Superb in my opinion.

The only maturing male modern singer we have to date is Robbie Williams in my humble opinion. Watched him at the Palladium and was excellent for a modern day entertainer.

  rdave13 20:57 19 Dec 2013

Another good one, Avicii Hey Brother. Not sure if they meant that the base should interfere with mid range to high but it sounded like it to me. Spoilt it a bit at first but at the third listening it seems to be part of the song. Any one have an opinion?

  Aitchbee 21:13 19 Dec 2013

The music was s* [*], but I did like the golden yellow bean-sprouts self-activating themselves ... especially near the end of their performances ... 'yippee-aye-ay' ;o]

  rdave13 21:34 19 Dec 2013

s* [*], is that Martian talk Aitchbee ? It's bad enough trying to not putting innuendos in the written reply, and answering truly, without offending, but your good self seems to be always too high to every one else's senses and make little sense. If you think the music shite then just say so. Stop farting around, being clever?, and just simply say so. A man of your age typing " 'yippee-aye-ay' ;o] " doesn't seem normal. You take drugs?

  rdave13 21:35 19 Dec 2013

I mean the illegal type, otherwise you need to see the doctor pronto as the legal ones are worse for you.

  Quickbeam 21:52 19 Dec 2013

She's not as melodic as the other Ella...

  Aitchbee 21:57 19 Dec 2013

rdave13 ... you are a sopherific ... to my ears .... just like a bossanova. ;o]

  Quickbeam 21:58 19 Dec 2013

...and you should never argue with a woman that can sing as low as a bloke from a chain gang (2 mins in)!

  rdave13 22:01 19 Dec 2013

Quickbeam , not keen on jazz but a gem nonetheless.

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