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Quiet on here tonight forum members have probably

  hssutton 23:20 31 Jan 2020

buried their heads in dispair, but great Celebrations in Lincolnshire and in particular Boston, Oh I'll have to go to bed the champagne has gone to my head :):)

  x13 23:29 31 Jan 2020

Happy independence.

  Quickbeam 06:34 01 Feb 2020

Brexit is a double edged blade, we still need to be very wary of the backswing as nobody yet knows what's in the box.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:31 01 Feb 2020

as nobody yet knows what's in the box.

Like Schrodinger's Cat - nobody knows if its alive or dead :0)

  Pine Man 11:03 01 Feb 2020

'nobody yet knows what's in the box.'

It's a bit like 'Take Your Pick'.

For the youngsters here, Take Your Pick was TV quiz show, where contestants would be offered the choice of whether to "take the money" or "open the box", which could contain good prizes such as a holiday or a washing machine. It could also contain booby prizes such as a mousetrap or a bag of sweets.

No guessing which box I believe we are being forced to open!

  Forum Editor 11:27 01 Feb 2020

Good to see that the usual sense of optimism prevails here - nothing beats looking on the bright side, does it?

  alanrwood 11:42 01 Feb 2020

Box 13 containing a rotten sandwich.

  john bunyan 12:19 01 Feb 2020

Hope for the best now. The transition period is easy; in a year’s time we will see if things work out after the future arrangements are known

  Pine Man 12:28 01 Feb 2020

Hope for the best now.

Couldn't agree more. I'm sure we all follow that sentiment now that the die is cast.

  Forum Editor 17:42 01 Feb 2020

john bunyan

"The transition period is easy"

Really - what makes you think that? It will be during the transition period that we have to have some very difficult negotiating sessions concerning our future relationship with the EU.

The transition period will be the exact opposite of easy.

  john bunyan 18:02 01 Feb 2020


What I meant was that in the transition period, little change will be obvious. Things like Customs Duties , border issues will be a big change at the year end. Of course the negotiations will be difficult but the “man in the street” won’t be affected by that.

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