Quick question - Chiropractic and osteopathy

  Armchair 18:11 02 Oct 2008

Is either one worth trying? I have injured my lower back at the base of my spine, and NHS GPs and physiotherapy are not helping me much. I'm not exactly made of money, but I would be prepared to pay if there was a chance of me actually recovering from this.

I had a similar injury last year which took about five months to heal (or did it heal fully?), and I'm fed up! Trying to continue working like this, rather than taking time off, but..........

Any(quick, because I'm limited to this library PC, and only till 7!) advice on the two above practices, or are they 'quacks', lol?

  Forum Editor 18:49 02 Oct 2008

It's a highly respected and - for many - a very effective method of treatment. I was once treated for back trouble by a Chiropractic doctor, and he succeeded where everyone else had failed. It was quite literally a case of almost instant relief from severe pain.

I subsequently found out a good deal more about Chiropractic, and I discovered that it's far from being mumbo jumbo.

There - made it before the deadline, just.

  peter99co 18:50 02 Oct 2008

I would wait unless you have a good idea what you have damaged.

Have you been scanned/x-rayed and the result been explained to you?

A visit to a Chiropractor can be worth it if you know what you have wrong and no further damage can be caused.

It would be a bad thing to let somebody manipulate your spine unless you told them what the problem was and let them give a second opinion
on any treatment required.

  Armchair 18:57 02 Oct 2008

Gotta go!

Was X-rayed lasy year, nothing showed up, soft tissue damage. Never given a specific diagnosis. Same injury now, probably. NHS innefective for me! Sick of painkillers etc.


  Forum Editor 19:14 02 Oct 2008

he or she won't need to be told what is wrong - chiropractors will be perfectly capable of telling that for themselves. They'll have X-Ray facilities, and scanning equipment, and will provide you with an initial diagnostic assessment. Mine was a doctor, and he gave me a complete check up, followed by a full written report, it was very impressive.

The treatment consisted of what chiropractors call adjustments, and amounted to no more than very gentle manipulation of some of my vertebrae - it was subtle, and the effect was dramatic. I'm certainly in the sceptical camp when it comes to any form of non-conventional medical treatment, and I only went to this man because he was highly recommended by a client. My wife practices medicine, and she said 'give it a try', so I did.

That's my personal experience, and it was a good one.

  peter99co 19:24 02 Oct 2008

I took a friend to a Chiropractor in my car and had to back up close to his house door because he could not walk very far because of the pain he was in. We arrived at the Practice and he was helped in to the Surgery. After about 30 mins he came out beaming and walked out to the car with no sign of his original problem. He did not even need a second visit. Amazing to see.

  anskyber 19:39 02 Oct 2008

I went to a "sports" chiropractor bent and in pain after all other normal medical treatment failed.

I walked out straight and fixed. I cannot recommend them too highly but do get a properly qualified one.

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