A quick fun question - no cheating!

  David Price 12:33 11 Mar 2011

We had this question on our company newsletter, and I thought it would be interesting to try it out in Speakers' Corner.

Right now, how many web browser tabs have you got open?

I'll start - 10 tabs, all in one Chrome window.

Over to you!

David Price
PC Advisor

  amonra 16:07 12 Mar 2011

Only 2, Can't walk and chew gum at the same time !

  sunnystaines 10:30 13 Mar 2011

2 in ie8

one for surfing one on gmail

  Pineman100 19:00 14 Mar 2011

My answer is three.

But to quote you, "...I thought it would be interesting..."



  David Price 09:16 15 Mar 2011

Of course! I've been glued to this thread.

Seriously, I do think it's quite interesting to see how differently people use the internet. I can't imagine not using tabs, but equally I find the idea of having 40-50 tabs open, as Chegs ®™ mentioned, overwhelming.

But both are legitimate methods of browsing the web used by other folk.

I'll have to think up an even more interesting question for next time...

  Legolas 13:30 15 Mar 2011

Normally just the one if I am surfing at home. In work I have between 4-8 open depending on what I am doing.

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