Queuing for petrol

  Colonel Graham 15:43 25 May 2011

As I entered Morrisons filling station, there was only one car waiting for a pump to become available. That soon moved off, but then a car came past me and went into a bay that was just becoming free. As it was a double bay I pulled in behind him.

I said 'Why don't you take your turn instead of pushing in'? He responded that it was not a queue, I was making it a queue.

He was an oldish guy, I got the impression this was an obsession of his. Well, he lingered in the shop, so as I had paid at the pump, I had to back-up and manouvre round his car. He chose that moment to come out and walked across my path. I gave him a blast on my very loud warning device, which made him jump. Some people!

  Cymro. 16:14 25 May 2011

It`s the once who fill up at the nearest pump rather than drive on to the next one in line that gets me. They stop the next car from using the second pump by blocking the other cars way to the pump.

  brindly 17:41 25 May 2011

I suspect these are the same people who drive in the closed lane right up to the end and then push in in front of all us stupid drivers who queue in the open lane.I sometimes wish I was driving and old beaten up land rover, i would be tempted to just ram them.

  Woolwell 18:13 25 May 2011


They are in fact following the advice of the highway code ie merge in turn Highway Code

  lotvic 18:45 25 May 2011

"set an example to your men" quite agree (but not quite in the way meant in the post above) - show them you don't accept rude manners, blast your horn to show your disgust.

  peter99co 19:00 25 May 2011

I had that once when I had a trailer on the back. I drove past and went in to pay leaving the trailer in the way just enough to cause him a problem. He had jumped the pay queue as well. Slowed him down a bit.

  oresome 19:36 25 May 2011

I never realised the emotions and stresses that can be involved with refueling the car!

If you want a long life, lighten up guys.

What's an extra minute or two?

  Covergirl 20:12 25 May 2011

There are 2 entrances to our Morrisons forecourt. One is the main queue from the entrance, the other is from the car park area. It can be used to dodge the main queue if people let you in which they invariably do. Bad system.

On a side note, I saw a young lad smoking in his car on the forecourt of Morrisons a couple of months ago. He was about 5 yards from the pumps. Against all better judgement I caught his eye and he gave me the what do you want eyebrows. I told him, and he just thought he was clever. Tosser.

  tullie 21:55 25 May 2011

Amazing how some people get stressed at minor things like this.Hope you arent like this driving.

  Grey Goo 22:57 25 May 2011


Not about getting stressed, it'a about not getting treated like a sack of crap. If you don't mind being a doormat then fine.

  Al94 23:23 25 May 2011

What he did was fair enough, there are no official "queues" on forecourts, you may have been trying to make one but it doesn't work like that. People often wait for a particular pump, if another becomes free in another lane then someone driving in is quite entitled to go for it. What do you want them to do, wait at the entrance while you re manoeuvre?

Sounds like you're stress levels are too high for driving!

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