queuing for parking - You'Ve seen them I am sure

  jack 17:18 09 Mar 2010

My little town has two town centre paid for surface car parks and a couple of multistoried [expensive] over shopping centres.
There is always a queue for those surface parks right in the centre of town- yet less than 5 minutes walk away there is a massive [Free for two hours] facility in an edge of town shopping centre,a similar distance in another direction- an on street pay'n'display facility- virtually empty more or less all day.
Our magnificent new hospital has not enough parking of course and it has to be paid for too- so the visitors will block the roads around and about.
Yet once more there is plenty of free parking at Europe's largest retail shopping centre 10 minutes walk away or one stop on the bus.

But still they queue and block the roads

  interzone55 17:33 09 Mar 2010

It's because people are simply too bone idle to walk anywhere.

Like they queue for 10 minutes in the drive through at McDonalds when they could park up, order, pay for and eat the burgers in less time.

On Sunday I visit the local tip with a bootful of old computer bits (including half a dozen <1gb hard drives, an AMD K6-500 with pins missing, a couple of Socket 5 motherboards with blown capacitors why did I keep this crap) and witnessed several people driving from bay to bay with different stuff, instead of parking up and carrying the bits from place to place, kind of defeats the object of saving energy by recycling if you use a gallon of fuel crawling round the waste disposal facility...

  BT 17:35 09 Mar 2010

We have a number of city centre car parks, fairly expensive, and always pretty full, going by the display boards set around the town centre approaches. Yet we have six Park and Ride sites around the outskirts which although well used are rarely anywhere near full. They cost £2 per person for the whole day or £1.70 after 12:30. They are free for Concessionary Bus pass holders. If you have a group of up to 5 people you can get a group ticket for £3.50 and children with an adult travel free. The average journey time is about 10 mins to the city centre but still you see queues of cars - especially around X**s time - waiting to get into the shopping centre carparks, so much so that the Council employ Traffic Marshalls to keep the areas clear to avoid major jams forming.

  al's left peg 18:15 09 Mar 2010

The govt keep banging on about congestion and traffic jams in city centres, I could cure it over night. Close all the car parks in the city centres (including NCP ones) except for some disabled places which would be on the street. If a motorist knows there is no parking places, he would have to leave the car and take the bus. End of congestion, job done.

  canarieslover 18:31 09 Mar 2010

You would probably close most of the shops if you did that.

  Forum Editor 18:35 09 Mar 2010

I'm one of those people who like to park as close to my destination as possible. I could often park quarter of a mile away, and have a healthy walk to a meeting or whatever, but I don't - I go round a round, looking for that elusive space right outside the door.

It's the truth, and I feel no shame.

  al's left peg 19:04 09 Mar 2010

The local gym by me has a full car park, £30 a month memebership. If they jogged to the building from where they lived they could save a fortune by not needing to join a gym.
Canarieslover, are you saying that people would starve if they could not park in city centres?

  Pine Man 19:10 09 Mar 2010

My local gym has a car park, which you have to pay for BUT if you take your ticket into the gym they give you your money back!!

  dagbladet 20:22 09 Mar 2010


"Yet once more there is plenty of free parking at Europe's largest retail shopping centre 10 minutes walk away"

Jack, it is hardly practical to park in Bluewater and walk to Dartford, no way is it 10 minutes, more like 25 each way. It's not 1 stop on the bus as I'm sure you know. Plus, if you parked there and got the fast-track in and out it would cost more than parking in the multi's, plus the inconvenience. It dilutes your argument mate.

  canarieslover 20:43 09 Mar 2010

I'm not saying that people would starve if they could not park in city centres. What I am saying is that they would rather go to out of town supermarkets where they could park close to the shop. Our local retail park, Thurrock Lakeside, has plenty of free parking close to shops and is almost always busy. Tesco, Sainsbury and Morrisons have large car parks and attract far more shoppers because of the convenience of shopping there. Local small supermarkets struggle and not just because of prices. Who wants to carry bags of shopping several hundred yards when you have paid good money for a car to do the carrying for you.

  morddwyd 20:46 09 Mar 2010

I didn't realise how car minded I had become until one day I was in the car, engine running, seat belt on and I realised I was only going to see someone two doors away.

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