Question about where certain threads should go

  Jwbjnwolf 22:37 14 Jan 2017

Hey there,

I've not been on here in aquite a while since my use for forums nowadays is more for web design related topics and things relating to my YouTube. My web host's forum fits me best for that, however this was the first forum I signed up to so I don't want to disappear from here forever.

I see you don't have a web design related forum anymore, so woupd like some confirmations on where things should go.

If I'm asking for feedback or ideas for designs etc, would that go here? Would topics about technical aspects of web design like the coding etc fit here or in the main forum?

Most things my host's forum fits great for in these areas and really any area as they are a very causually laid back community overall, but do want some input here on that so I'm aware where it fits.

Hope everyone's doing well and hello to any known faces that are still around :)


  lotvic 23:58 14 Jan 2017

Hello Jase, greetings, long time no see. Glad you're ok and sounds like you've been busy:) I know nothing much about technical aspects of web design so won't be of any help with that but will follow your posts as interested in and impressed by the progress you've made - you've grown into a fine young man :))

  Jwbjnwolf 00:08 15 Jan 2017

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome back Lotvic :D glad to see you still here :) Got a pretty big update coming to my website I am working on which I will like input from here and have a post specifically for once 100% aware where I should place it.

Here on the speakers forum seems the most logical to me, but still want clarification first though. I know the forum editor can move things either way but still, the less he needs to the more help that is lol.

  rdave13 00:31 15 Jan 2017

I'm uncertain myself although Windows Help might be the place. Last thread I started was an update to a security program and I selected Consumer Rights Advice forum and it stayed there.

Not user friendly I think but just my humble opinion and the fact you have to ask the question shows these titles are confusing for users.

  Jwbjnwolf 00:37 15 Jan 2017

Yea I'm with you on that. It is tough running a massive forum and keeping things organised. I liked it so much more when it used to have the sections that aren't really here anymore. But then I understand why, because posts would get left in the dust in this forum and that. Not the case with my host's forum because it's much smaller, so we want to check over everything in the forum, but here you'd have a fun time doing that lol.

  rdave13 00:48 15 Jan 2017

Still a good site to ask questions though. Mostly friendly hah!

  Jwbjnwolf 00:56 15 Jan 2017

No doubts about that, there's a reason this was my first place I came to even before I had internet at home, one because it was always a magazine I looked at, and two because among those that didn't have patence with me, there's so much that have.

Always have the good bunch and the bunch that gives the Forum Editor a lot of work lol.

  rdave13 01:03 15 Jan 2017

Time for "pay-back" perhaps? Help those with problems with your knowledge maybe? :)

  Forum Editor 10:44 15 Jan 2017

Put your web design questions in the Tech Helproom area. We discontinued the Web Design forum because the fashion for almost everyone to have a personal website died away. Very few people bother nowadays, unless they have a commercial site.

  Jwbjnwolf 18:02 15 Jan 2017

Ok thanks for the clarification, so that also includes posts that is more so just asking for feedback etc?

  Forum Editor 22:21 15 Jan 2017

"so that also includes posts that is more so just asking for feedback etc?"

Yes, but please bear in mind that if your site has any commercial purpose, you must not use our forums to advertise it - so no links to it.

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