Question about selling autograph books

  interzone55 12:37 28 Nov 2012

We have been given some stuff to sell on eBay, and there's a few autograph books.

When we opened the first book, it fell open at the middle pages and across the left hand page is Jimmy Savile's signature.

Here's our dilemma, do we remove the page, do we sell the book intact and forget to mention his name is in there, or do we trade on the notoriety?

  Aitchbee 12:45 28 Nov 2012

Bad publicity ... is good publicity. Keep it intact, is my advice.

  Bing.alau 13:37 28 Nov 2012

I agree with Aitch.. Think what a book signed by Crippen would bring!

  spuds 15:21 28 Nov 2012

Selling autographs on eBay brings its experts, so it might pay to check on the going rates for genuine autographs.

I seem to recall a number of incidents that have occured through signatures be advertised and sold, and it was later found that they wasn't really the genuine stuff. Elvis and Beckham being two of many.

  interzone55 15:51 28 Nov 2012

fourm member

Some of the signatures are all but illegible, I'm sure that someone would recognise them, but many are just squiggles.

The Savile signature is pretty obvious though

  Forum Editor 16:58 28 Nov 2012

You're selling a book with signatures in it, you aren't providing any warranty that they are all genuine, and you certainly shouldn't even contemplate trading 'on the notoriety'.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:44 28 Nov 2012

If you're selling on ebay then the market will determine the value, not your expectations.

Your only dilemma is in the item description, and I would advise a full and frank description.


  lotvic 21:01 28 Nov 2012

I would just mention it along with any others you can read, no need for long winded description. A search on ebay for the name and autograph reveals a few items already on there.

Maybe some of the other autographs are very desirable and the emphasis should be on those.

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