Question about flies?the insect variety

  martd7 10:23 19 Jun 2014

Every summer my house is invaded by beige coloured flies,about 3mm narrow body and full length wings

Anyone know what these are?

  martd7 11:07 19 Jun 2014

From looking in google images i dont think so,the gnat images show long legs and a bent body like a wasp the flies in my house have a narrow tube like body and short legs!

Theyre not that invasive just a bit annoying and am curious to know what they are

  martd7 11:15 19 Jun 2014

Jock1e thanks but no i wouldn't say any of them resemble what ive seen,thought maybe the sand fly mainly due to colour but the body shapes wrong

  martd7 17:31 19 Jun 2014

Im not so bothered about getting rid of them to be fair think ive seen about 6this week just wondered what they were,all they seem to do is sit on the wall,best can describe is size of green fly but a very cream beige colour

  wee eddie 17:36 19 Jun 2014

Jock1e: Your lot are, most likely, Flying Ants.

The males, who all hatch on the same day and fly to catch a Queen.

  bumpkin 22:19 19 Jun 2014

** Jock1e , the old ones are the best :)

I agree, no flies on Jockie.

  Aitchbee 22:56 19 Jun 2014

I employ a belts 'n' braces line-of-attack when it comes down to who-is-boss ... Me or The Flies?

Fly nets are applied to all outer window frames [ the windows are open all-year-round. ]

Door mosquito screen fixed to verandah door {which is left open during the summer months.}

Glue fly-traps [strategically placed] all around my indoor plants.

Window sticker fly traps. [ 2 per window - diametrically opposite corners ]

Fly and Wasp Killer spray [ especially good on blue-bottles ... but not so good if you are a blue-bottle ]

and last but not least....

A 'Gotcha' Bug Zapper ... it's a small tennis racquet with can produce a lethal electrical charge [from 2 AA batteries]... if one has good reactions and also is a natural volleyer ... flash-bang-wollop ... and the smell 'burnt fly' fills the air if it's a winning approach shot!

  martd7 23:11 19 Jun 2014

Good ideas there Aitchbee,ive also used a bug zapper on holiday some years back,the smell from the bug been burnt was most unpleasant

  martd7 08:40 20 Jun 2014


no cant a decent picture,they fly off soon as i get near


strangely enough the bugs are only seen in my front room and bedrooms,never seen them in kitchen or bathroom

  spuds 10:42 20 Jun 2014

I see that there appears to be no mention of the electronic type fly and insect killers/zappers that you see in deli or butcher type establishments, that are fixed to walls etc. Amazon sell them, and I believe Argos use to at one time, perhaps still do?.

  martd7 11:20 20 Jun 2014


None of them the body shape looks wrong,i am thinking maybe they are gnats because of the colour and wings and appearance yet the the body isnt hunched like the pics its more thin and tube like

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