fitcher 21:18 10 Jan 2005

what would norton or any anti virus firm do if windows curred anti virus attacks ..each time a virus comes out the anti virus sales soar .and ms are going to buy an anti v to put on . , ,Imagine if an anti virus company sent out its own viruses ,ones it can remove easily ,,I would never say they would do it . will sales ever drop ,not in this world shares in anti virus

  skaria 21:57 10 Jan 2005

the other companis would find them out!!! it would never happen. if it did then it will be an early sign of the world coming to an end!!!!!! just joking

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:12 10 Jan 2005

There are many free AVs, so I would not be investing anything. Virus 'attacks' are not the end of the world and are easily curable....there are much more important things to fret over.


  plsndrs3 12:45 11 Jan 2005

I'm with GANDALF <|:-)> on this one, I'm afraid. If AV companies were to send out virii then other companies would be just as capable of removing and, as some of these are free, there seems no point in any commercial enterprise risking bad publicity.

Anyhow based on personal comparisons of tne MS firewall in XP and those obtainable free on the internet or commercially, I would still opt for a third party software anyhow!


  Urotsukidoji 14:40 11 Jan 2005

have to disagree with you there,

microsoft have been doing it successfully for years, and not many people have cottoned on yet....

mac OS, I have upped my standards, up yours!

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