Queen's Speech "Leaked"

  morddwyd 08:12 23 May 2010

So much for the new attitude in politics.

The "leaks" have started already.

click here

  Big L 266 08:45 23 May 2010


Send for a plumber!That'll stop the 'leaks'!I'd wager this one came from Mork & Mindy (err, sorry, Cameron & Clegg!)

Big L 266

  Forum Editor 08:54 23 May 2010

So much for giving the new government a chance.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I view this as barely reaching 1 in terms of a sensation. I'm sure the nation will go about its business normally on Monday.

  morddwyd 08:58 23 May 2010

Am I going mad?

When I checked this post a few minutes ago there were a couple of responses from ronanlddonald and fourm member.

Having come back now to engage in a little "structured debate" with fourm member I can't find them, I've tried refreshing, logging out but still nothing.

The posts were fairly innocuous, so wouldn't normally have been deleted.

Did anybody else see them, or has senile decay taken another bite out of my reason?

  morddwyd 09:01 23 May 2010

"I'm sure the nation will go about its business normally on Monday."

My point exactly.

Nothing new, everything normal!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:50 23 May 2010

People actually listen to the Queens' speech? How quaint.


  jakimo 12:51 23 May 2010

Since the election all we have heard from you is a down in the mouth attitude,why not change the record

  bri-an 14:40 23 May 2010

" Regular posts sniping at the government are, to me, becoming tedious."

...and there were never any sniping at Brown's governmant by a significant number of posters on here, previously (and even now, after he's gone?)!!!

There were loads of them, so was that not tedious, then? Or have you got different definitions of 'tedious' in the Tory party manual.
Apologies, coalition manual!!

Those attacks were one of the reasons I tried to redress the balance, back then (even though not a Labour supporter).

  Forum Editor 14:48 23 May 2010

I predicted that the new government would hardly have got into its seats before some people in the forum started whining about it, and I'm not surprised to see that I was absolutely right.

People are queuing up to have a bash at the coalition before the government has had a chance to hit its stride. I imagine the same people look at a beautiful sunset and say 'well, that's another day out of my life'.

  morddwyd 16:02 23 May 2010

Whoa there.

Let's not mistake an intense and personal dislike of David Cameron, which I freely admit to, and will not attempt to defend or justify, with a general dissatisfaction with the government as a whole.

I have been a "true blue" Tory for more than sixty years, and, as I've said before, was a fully paid up member of the "Vermin Club" when in my teens (if you can't remember it, Google it).

I regard Margaret Thatcher as the best thing since sliced bread, and the finest Prime Minister since Pitt the Younger.

I am just saddened to see the party reduced to a simple product of the image makers.

I am sure there are Labour and Liberal supporters who feel the same.

I know it's progress, and modernisation and all the other good things, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

My apologies to those who find it tedious, such is the way of forums.

I regret I am unlikely to be able to change at this late stage.

And if ronalddonald's posts are to be deleted because they are "infantile and unnecessary " we are not going to be seeing much of him (or one or two others, which may, or may not. include me) in the future!

  bri-an 18:27 23 May 2010

I accept what you say, but I wasn't talking about any particular events in Brown or Cameron's 'reign'.

I was simply pointing out that there was a lot of vitriol (much plainly wrong, IMO) on this forum about the former PM and his government and it seemed a bit'naughty' for yourself and jakimo to chide morddwyd in those circumstances.

However he has now lost some credibility (with me anyway) for his admission of being a Maggie-lover! Never could bring myself to that. (;-0)

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