The Queen's "Royal Barge" i wonder how much that is.?

  Autoschediastic 01:36 11 Dec 2011
  morddwyd 08:43 11 Dec 2011

Be interesting to the proportion of the cost which comes from SE England, and the proportion of the return which goes back there!

I am unlikely to be affected (or interested) but if I lived in Newcastle I would be casting a jaundiced eye over this.

  Forum Editor 09:44 11 Dec 2011

"i wonder how much that is.?"

The vessel has been loaned by its owner, the flowers will come from Royal gardens, and no doubt the chairs and other furniture will come from Buckingham palace.

The balance will no doubt be paid from the public purse, but as fourm member has pointed out, the cost will be recovered hundreds of times over by the money that will be spent by the huge number of tourists who will be in the UK at the time, and by people from all over the country who will come to London. (There will be two bank holidays over the period 2,3,4,5 June).

The Queen is only the second British monarch ever to celebrate a diamond jubilee, so perhaps a degree of celebration is appropriate, even in hard times, especially as the country is likely to make a considerable profit from it.

  Forum Editor 11:04 11 Dec 2011


That's an artist's impression. I think the real thing will be quite something.

  carver 11:43 11 Dec 2011

It doesn't matter how the cost will be it will be worth every penny spent on it.

The Queen will have ruled for 60 years and the amount of money generated will far exceed any thing we put into it

  Aitchbee 23:30 11 Dec 2011

The jubilant crowds, on both riverbanks will enjoy a continuous 'Royal Wave'.

  Aitchbee 10:23 12 Dec 2011

Logistically, a large barge is a sensible choice of boat, as the many River bridges will easily accomodate her low profile. (..the barge's profile that is).

How many bridges are there from Battersea to Tower Bridge?

  Condom 20:34 17 Dec 2011

Aaahhh...bridges over the Thames. Now wouldn't these be the perfect place to view this display or in the current climate are we more liable to see them all closed as a security risk as they would also make ideal platforms for an attack. Decisions decisions and I'm glad I'm not making that one.

I am no great Royalist but the Queen has been with me all my life, and more, and so if we are a Monarchic Nation then let us make sure that we celebrate this event properly.

People will know that I live most of my life in Thailand which is also a Monarchy and there the Royal Family are treated almost like gods. I'm not suggesting we have any desires to go as far as that but some respect for the person if not the institution is surely due.

Money wise, as has been said already, it will be repaid through tourist receipts and I'm sure if it falls short in any way Mr "talks sense" Cameron will ensure that the balance will come from his finance for problem families to which she is surely qualified to draw from. Now I shall return to this rather nice bottle of red wine.

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