The Queen to Abdicate on Thursday - official...

  Quickbeam 09:09 29 Jan 2013
  Quickbeam 09:15 29 Jan 2013

...what an anti climax for you all.

  Forum Editor 09:24 29 Jan 2013

Not really - the news was all over the TV news last night, and is in all the papers today.

Nice try, though.

  Aitchbee 09:52 29 Jan 2013

The prospect of a new King Billy will warm the hearts of Protestants & Orangemen, who have 'celebrated' King William III of Orange's [Army] defeat of Catholic King James of England's Army, at the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland in 1690 for centuries. The 12th of July is the traditional date for Orange Order marches in Northern Ireland and [to a lesser extent] Scotland.

More Information Here

  fourm member 10:44 29 Jan 2013

When I read 'Dutch queens have made a tradition of stepping aside for the next generation over the last century' it was obvious that anyone suggesting (and I know you were just trying a wind up) a UK relevance was barking up the wrong tree.

  lotvic 12:38 29 Jan 2013

fm obviously not up for a spot of light hearted banter this morning

  fourm member 13:55 29 Jan 2013


I'd hate to be in a pub with you as I assume you finish a joke and then start it all over again.

Quickbeam's joke, which I acknowledged, had run its course once he posted at 0915.

Meanwhile, as I suspected the Express, to give one example, was suggesting;

'The abdication of Queen Beatrix will raise questions over how long British monarch Queen Elizabeth II wiil choose to remain on the throne.'

It raises no questions for the UK.

  Aitchbee 21:54 29 Jan 2013

Just a thought:-

In the game of Chess, the QUEENs are, by far, the most powerful 'pieces on the board' be they Black or White. The KINGs, by contrast, don't do very much and eventually end up on the chopping-block. Furthermore, when a Pawn [pleb] manages to gain promotion [with the help of the other pieces of the same hue], the 'pleb' Pawn [invariably] turns into a QUEEN!

It's a funny old game!

  lotvic 22:36 29 Jan 2013

fm, "I'd hate to be in a pub with you"

The feelings mutual, your presence would make it a very dreary experience.

I object to your making assumptions that I would spend the night repeating myself. (unless I'd eaten half a jar of pickled onions - then there might be some truth in it)

  Aitchbee 09:25 02 Feb 2013

For anyone interested:-

How another queen might react ...

It's on Radio4 at 7pm tonight.

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