Quantum Of Solace

  The Brigadier 13:16 26 Oct 2008

Looking forward to seeing it on Friday.
I do like the Bond films & Daniel Craig's performance in Casino Royale was very good.

  Si_L 13:50 26 Oct 2008

I cannot wait to see this.

If you have Casino Royale on DVD, watch it the night before you go. QoS is taking off from where CR ended.

Roll on October 31st.

  interzone55 13:52 26 Oct 2008

I'm also looking forward to this, I've got tickets for a showing on Sunday afternoon.

I'm wondering how this will work, because Bond does not actually appear in the story of A Quantum Of Solace, beyond the fact that he's told the story by the Jamaican Ambassador.

I have to agree with your comment about Casino Royale, I feel that Daniel Craig may well be the best ever Bond...

  interzone55 13:56 26 Oct 2008

Watch Casino Royale (the new one, not the David Niven travesty), you'll see that Daniel Craig can indeed act, is performance far outstrips any other Bond actor...

  Why wont it work 14:53 26 Oct 2008

I too cannot wait to see the film. It will be a well earned break from being locked up in my room doing dissertation work. I can only hope that the film is better than its wonderful theme tune though...

  lofty29 14:54 26 Oct 2008

there were only two good bonds, sean connery, and pierce brosnan

  lofty29 14:56 26 Oct 2008

the david niven film was only ever meant to be a send-up

  The Brigadier 14:57 26 Oct 2008

I got freebie tickets last time to see the film on the night of the royal premire.
Hope to get them again fingers crossed!

  Si_L 15:01 26 Oct 2008

Without a doubt the best Bond is Daniel Craig. He is less slick than the others, but has a sense of raw power (best summed up I thought in the parkour chase with Mollaka, where he breaks through the wall head first instead of jumping through the gap in the top), and he has a real attitude in these films, which the others didn't have. A proper 007 in my opinion.

  interzone55 15:16 26 Oct 2008

I am aware that the David Niven film was a send up, I just thought I'm make sure I was pointing fourm member at the right film.

Pierce Brosnan, whilst he was a good Bond, the films were too self-referential and the gadgets kind of over-shadowed the plot.

  Si_L 15:23 26 Oct 2008

I liked the gadgets with Q, it was a shame it wasn't there in CR. The only downsides of it were that the gadgets were a bit far-fetched, and Bond would always find himself in the very rare situation where he needed the gadget that was just given to him! Secondly, the 'invisible' Vanquish was ridiculous.

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