QE2 Bridge at Dartford

  birdface 09:03 13 Mar 2008

Hi just wondering if my information is correct or not.I have been told that the QE2 bridge at Dartford had been paid for years ago,If so why do you still have to pay toll charges when you are going in that direction.Can anyone confirm or deny that it has been fully paid for.Or is it just a rumour.If so where does all the money go that is collected in Tolls.Mind you I don't know why i keep thinking about it now as I don't use it much anymore.But used to use it daily.Probably one of those threads that does not get an answer.But someone might know.

  jack 09:23 13 Mar 2008

and the twin northbound bores also.

This has been a bone of contention around these parts for years and a last local residents that are frequent users of the crossing are now able to purchase a special annual 'tag' that allows 'free' passage- How much and who qualifies is in the literature somewhere- As I don't use the crossing- only suffer the inconvenience of it snarling up as with this week[high winds] that then can lock up the area up and prevent me and neighbours leaving home very often.
But crossings like these[Severn and Forth crossing come to mind] do need special/extra staffing security/safety- measures and so are an additional cost on the overall road budget.

  anskyber 09:31 13 Mar 2008

Two things,

The first is ongoing maintenance for the bridge is significant so in a way it's never "paid for".

Secondly for all of those who love congestion charges the current toll is just that, a toll to control congestion. click here

  birdface 10:02 13 Mar 2008

Thanks Jack.Did not know if it was just a rumour or not.Surely the traffic going in that direction should be free now.We are talking about hundreds of millions of £ here or maybe thousands of millions of £s.Where is it going are they trying to say it costs as much to keep the bridge than build it.All of the time I used it I hardly ever seen anyone doing any repairs.Someone is receiving all this money and is paying very little out in return.Does it go to the government or is it still going to the shareholders .Local residents can get it free.everyone should have the same opportunity.Surely they must make more using the tunnel entrance than they can ever spend on repairs.I don't know why this should bother me but it does.At least it would speed up the traffic and stop congestion if the Toll on the bridge side was opened.

  birdface 10:04 13 Mar 2008

To control congestion.It makes congestion.

  birdface 10:27 13 Mar 2008

I liked your click here.It gives you a good idea of what is happening.But they have never tried to open the tolls to see if it causes congestion.How can they say it will if they don't try it.They put the tolls up to try and stop folk using it.How can they if it is the only way to go.How can stopping and having to pay tolls speed things up.As a regular user it used to be a nightmare at times even trying to approach it at certain times.or why do they still charge you at night time when there is hardly any traffic using it.It can't cause congestion then.Someone is making a lot of money out of this.Whether it is the Government or not I do not Know.Anyhow as I don't use it that often anymore I don't know why it should bother me.Just when I see things that are not right in my view I like to add my disapproval.Thank you for your impute.it was appreciated.

  anskyber 10:45 13 Mar 2008

The effects of tolls are not easy to explain and I certainly do not seek to defend tolls here.

The general "rule" is there will be a model of the mathematical kind which predicts the amount of consumer resistance to payments having regard to free alternatives. A good example of toll resistance and the effects on "congestion" or, more neutrally, usage, is the M6 toll.

I use the M6 and M6 toll and the toll has a clear effect on reducing usage even tough it is in motoring terms a far superior road when compared with it's free counterpart. The overhead message boards also seem to have the effect of diverting people to the toll road at busy times as drivers trade off the cost of delay against cost of the toll.

The Dartford crossing is interesting however since the free alternatives are not easy roads and there is a certain inevitability to choosing the crossing if speed is important even though the toll plazas are a delay in themselves. I tend to use toll roads in France when I am lucky enough to go there because I can guarantee just about to keep to a time schedule.

  jack 11:50 13 Mar 2008

............why do they still charge you at night time when there is hardly any traffic using it.It can't cause congestion then.

  anskyber 12:47 13 Mar 2008

They don't click here

  anskyber 12:48 13 Mar 2008

Or at least not for all!

  Legolas 13:00 13 Mar 2008

All the Tolls on the Bridges in Scotland have just recently been scrapped, another reason for living North of the border ;)

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