pyrotechnic coloured lights

  rdave13 01:02 01 Jan 2012

.. to celebrate the New Year. Watched most of it on TV and was awesomely underwhelmed. What a waste of money that could be better spent in other areas in these hard, world wide, (supposedly) times. Is it me being a grumpy old sod or what?

  Forum Editor 01:14 01 Jan 2012

"Is it me being a grumpy old sod or what?"

Yes, in my opinion it is. There are times in life when it's enough just to have fun, and a free firework display, such as the one staged on the River Thames tonight was spectacular.

We don't have to be deadly serious about life every minute of every day. Like most Londoners I helped to pay for tonight's show, and I'm happy to do it.

  rdave13 01:22 01 Jan 2012

" and a free firework display "

" Like most Londoners I helped to pay for tonight's show "

Says it all really.

  Forum Editor 01:32 01 Jan 2012

"Says it all really."

Erm.. yes, it does. It was free to anyone who wanted to watch it, regardless of where they came from, and it was paid for from the Mayor's budget.

What's to say? You asked if you were being "a grumpy old sod", and I said that in my opinion you were. If you can't handle honest opinions without resorting to silly 'says it all really' comments you shouldn't ask the question in the first place.

  rdave13 01:48 01 Jan 2012

Forum Editor

Cool down will you?

What is wrong with my opinion and reply? What makes it 'silly'? It might be silly in your opinion but to me spending millions world wide to burn powder in the sky just for one day seems much more sillier than not doing so. Adults behaving like children seems more appropriate.

New years eve is just another day. Time the world grew up.

  morddwyd 09:35 01 Jan 2012

Very pretty, but can't be doing much for global warming!

  SparkyJack 10:50 01 Jan 2012

There are at least two sections of the global population who really appreciated the world wide displays as the bewitching hour passed over them.

The Chinese Pyrotechnic factory workers and owners and the Pyro technicians who were paid for set up the shows for our bemusement or delectation- according to ones individual view of life.

  carver 11:48 01 Jan 2012

"Is it me being a grumpy old sod or what?" have to agree with you on that sentence.

It made countless people happy all over the world and that you can't put a price on and as SparkyJack has stated it kept some of the population in work.

Next thing is you will be wanting to stop Xmas because of all the wrapping paper and sellotape thats wasted every year.

  rdave13 16:25 01 Jan 2012

carver, not really. We've all got to tighten our belts because of the state of the economy. How much did that display cost in London? Wondering if perhaps a lazer light show would have been the way forward? Cheaper possibly and better for the environment.

  ams4127 16:41 01 Jan 2012

I agree totally with the FE on this one.

For Heaven's sake, it's just one night of the year when we see in the New Year, what's the problem with having a bit of fun and entertainment?

Some people need to lighten up and start enjoying the short life they have in this world. The time to be grumpy is when you're dead and you've got trillions of years to enjoy it!

  interzone55 17:44 01 Jan 2012


The only way out of a recession is for money to start moving round again - tightening our belts and closing our wallets will just lead us deeper down the pit.

This is the mistake (one of the many) that Thatcher made, and it lead to 3+ million unemployed and double figure interest rates, and it looks like Dave & Gideon are going to make the same mistake again...

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