Pyogenic Granuloma [hemanigoma]

  sunnystaines 17:20 25 Mar 2010

anyone suffered one, i have one growing that has sprouted inside my palm,

burning by silver nitrate has failed twice, now getting bigger by the day, the hand surgeon has declined to operate due to the risks now awaiting an appoint with a vascluar surgeon.

if you had one what worked for you

  Bingalau 17:27 25 Mar 2010

Sorry, never heard of it before. It sounds quite nasty. Hope you find a cure.

  BT 17:35 25 Mar 2010

Seems there a number of treatments available.
click here

  T0SH 18:23 25 Mar 2010

I had one of them on my lower lip a few years back after a few visits to doctors and hospitals I finally resorted to an old trick my dad told me on how to get rid of warts by tyeing it off with sewing thread to stop its blood supply it took a few weeks but eventually it shriveled up and dropped of and has never recurred

Cheers HC

  VCR97 19:55 25 Mar 2010

I had one alongside a finger-nail. Silver nitrate sorted it out. I had another on a different finger which wasn't shifted by silver nitrate so the GP excised it.

  sunnystaines 20:38 25 Mar 2010

thanks for replies, mine like a thimble on my palm,
glad to see positive results

  sunnystaines 21:13 25 Mar 2010

trying to picture your remedy how did you tie it tight enough without cutting into the thing.

i can see possibly with a shoe lace but not cotton as in cotton reel.

its a good idea and will discuss at with the next surgeon i see if he too declines as my gp thinks he might, the last resort might be a plastic surgeon.

  wiz-king 05:59 26 Mar 2010

While you are waiting to see the doctors, get some Thuja cream from your local chemist and put that on twice a day. It works well on warts so may work on you thingie, it's slow but normaly works.

  sunnystaines 07:30 26 Mar 2010

thanks i will see the chemist, only problem when moist it bleeds, worst bleed was after the dressing nurse said its ok to wash and to dab it dry. had the worst bleed of all like a bad nose bleed. At one stage i felt i was donating a cup of blood a day with bleeds, now do not use my right hand at all to stop it bleeding. i feel like a one armed man.

  wiz-king 09:26 26 Mar 2010

If you cant get it e-mail me your address via the yellow envelope.

  sunnystaines 16:07 05 Apr 2010

having to visit hosp each day for dressing changes, got a bad infection.


if the vascular surgeon, declines to operate on wednesday and passes me back to wait for a plastic surgeon. The nurse will try your option on thursday [apparently a common option] she thinks it will only take a few days for the granuloma to drop off but their may be a large hemanigoma underneath it

been advised not suitable for this problem, but thanks for posting.

getting fed up using the mouse left handed, i know how the fugitive felt with the use of only one arm/hand

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