Seth Haniel 11:48 07 Dec 2008

click here

lets have your thoughts....


  DANZIG 11:54 07 Dec 2008

Gotta be a trailer for a film thats coming out in about July time next year?

Don't know which one yet...

  DANZIG 12:00 07 Dec 2008

Terminator: Salvation
Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

  cycoze 12:10 07 Dec 2008

forum member beat me to it ! canister of anti-matter, must be Angels and Demons.

  Forum Editor 12:16 07 Dec 2008


Ten seconds on Google solves the 'puzzle'.

  Seth Haniel 12:21 07 Dec 2008

saved me ten seconds of searching :)

  Si_L 13:47 07 Dec 2008

If you have read Angels and Demons, its pretty obvious without resorting to Google. The URL gives it away too.

Glad they are making this one, its the best of his books by a long way.

  Si_L 13:47 07 Dec 2008

Oh yeah and it says Illuminati behind it.

  Forum Editor 14:30 07 Dec 2008

I must be missing something - I find all his stuff more than a little banal.

  interzone55 19:47 07 Dec 2008

Dan Brown's books, and a lot of the other religious conspiracy books, are meant as pure mindless entertainment, not as literary brilliance.

I really enjoy them, then a couple of days after I've finished one book and started another I've completely forgotten it.

Some people watch Eastenders and think it's a documentary about normal east end folks, others read Dan Brown books, neither activity is a crime and I'll choose the books any day of the week...

  AL47 22:07 07 Dec 2008

"Some people watch Eastenders and think it's a documentary about normal east end folks"

is it not? :(
thats like telling a kid santa isnt real!

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