Putting your foot in it

  Nellie2 00:52 16 Jul 2004

I frequent a few forums and message boards and now and then I will answer a question or put forward an opinion... and inadvertantly upset someone or just get on the wrong side of them. I really hate this because I'm not a confrontational sort of person. It is very difficult when you are just dealing with the written word to make yourself fully understood in the way that you want to... I have a bit of a dry sense of humour too and sometimes that doesn't come accross too well either.

Plus... once you have hit that send button, it is very difficult to unsend it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:13 16 Jul 2004

This is something that has never bothered me in the slightest ;-))


  norman47 01:24 16 Jul 2004

and I do believe you mean that with total sincerity. ;-)))

Nell, I agree click here.

  spuds 01:56 16 Jul 2004

Lifes to short to worry, but I know what you mean. As you get older, you will realise that things turn to your maturity level, and you tend to express your thought and feelings in such a way, which you may or may not regret later, and especially after you have pressed that send button, verbal or otherwise. Personally I am at the 'tender' age, when I don't give a dam to most things .Take a point in question. You only have to look at Gandalf the magician [grumpy but sensible and wise 'person'at times ;o)].

What brought this on then, someone been having a go at you, which we should perhaps know about!.

  Dan the Confused 02:54 16 Jul 2004

I've never had this problem because everyone loves me.

  Djohn 03:01 16 Jul 2004

I misunderstood a post from nel whom I hold in the highest regard and consider her as a friend. I know this upset her so I have mailed nel a private and personal apology.

It happened in a small but friendly forum, I have apologised in there, not many people will see it but they will in here!

Nel, I'm truly sorry for completely and utterly misunderstanding your post. I feel not only stupid and embarrassed but guilty for causing your upset. My sincere apologies. j.

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