laurie53 15:42 25 Sep 2007

Good Grief! I've just been going through some of my old uniform stuff and I found some puttees. What's worse they're brand new so weren't issued to me back at the start of my service!

I can't be that old, can I?

  techie4me 15:47 25 Sep 2007

Not used these days by the Army or RAF.
Do the Royal Navy use them for No1 Dress for sailors still, not sure?
Think the Army got rid of them back in the late 60's.
Could have been worse could have been a rusty Lee Enfield!

  mole44 16:00 25 Sep 2007

puttees,oh my goodness your taking back more years than i care to admit.Brought back fond memories though.ex gunner 23728088

  laurie53 16:21 25 Sep 2007

<<Could have been worse could have been a rusty Lee Enfield!>>

Rusty? And me an ex-weapons techie? Never!

  spuds 16:32 25 Sep 2007

Sounds like a eBay or better still a war/forces museum offering :O)

  Marko797 16:32 25 Sep 2007

I still have loads of my ex-mil stuff...wud someone buy it on ebay u think? I could include my puttees

  Bingalau 16:46 25 Sep 2007

We wore them in the jungle...

  Marko797 17:36 25 Sep 2007

where's Jumper Heavy Wool Man Portable? (lol)

  wiz-king 17:41 25 Sep 2007

Could try to sell them to footballers, their boots are a bit lacking in ankle protection these days.

  wee eddie 17:46 25 Sep 2007

about Hill Walking last night and the increase in Ticks caused by the warmer weather.

One of the Hill Farmers in the group now wears his Grandfather's Puttees for safety.

  Diemmess 18:00 25 Sep 2007

An uncle in his letters home was a clerk in Dieppe base (1919)for his last seven months in the Army.
In a letter about May '19 he notes that Puttees were no longer required working dress.

Prior to Dieppe he spent an appalling winter clearing scrap and the detritous of war in Piccardy, living in semi ruined buldings without heat, light, or hot water and puttees were worn.

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