Putin gets it right

  Al94 19:26 17 Jan 2014

Vladimir Putin has often concerned me but for once an amazing amount of common sense has been displayed. If only it could be replicated throughout Europe click here

  namtas 09:49 18 Jan 2014

I am afraid that this is rapidly becoming another subject that has been done to the death on here, same boring argument with no new material, yawn, yawn.

  pavvi 13:19 18 Jan 2014

A couple of things -

If suicide rates are rising amongst young men is in any way due to sexuality, which is highly debatable, then it has little to do with homosexuality. It is likely that the stigma involved and the emotional pressures involved are responsible, not sexuality itself. Homosexuality isn't something people do, it's something people are.

Many younger people struggle to be and feel accepted whether they are homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. Suicide is far more complex than being a result of a single issue. To suggest otherwise is overly simplistic.

Are young people being over sexualised? I'm not sure, but it affects all young people of all backgrounds. If an adult tries to sexualise a young person, then this is abuse. Pure and simple. The gender and orientation of the abuser is irrelevant. Those who might have read my autobiography will know that I was abused by a sea cadet leader. His own sexuality had little to do with it. Abuse isn't about sexuality, it's about power.

Someone who tries to coerce somebody to be something they are not are committing abuse. If this was Putin's aim, then I would be more positive towards him. We know from other measures he has taken, that this isn't what he is trying to do. He wants to stop ALL gay expression. I would see someone trying to make a gay person 'straight' as abuse in the same way as vice versa.

Promoting a society where all people of all backgrounds and all persuasions is the most affective way of helping to make people feel accepted.

  bremner 14:04 19 Jan 2014

Everyone can now be reassured that homosexuals will not be discriminated against in Russia

Putin has stated he knows and is friendly with some gay people BBC

  namtas 09:12 20 Jan 2014

What matters is for the FE to know that his views on inappropriate language are still supported by users.

I am sure that the FE will have warmed to these words this morning reassured that he still has such a following of sturdy supporters.

  Forum Editor 10:05 20 Jan 2014


"I'm sure fe would do his usual good job and veto anything which is inappropriate, but it's gratifying to know his oppo will back him up."

I have indeed done my usual good job, and have deleted your insensitive use of the word in question. I'm surprised that someone who purports to have an understanding of the issues being discussed here was so crass as to use the word in the first place - a crassness that was further underlined by your silly 'oppo' remark.

  Flak999 14:20 20 Jan 2014

fourm member

And there was me thinking you didn't actually possess a sense of humour!

Your link is very funny indeed! :-)

  Flak999 16:10 20 Jan 2014

fourm member

"it relies on an underlying truth."

Or peoples perception of what they think that truth is!

  Strawballs 22:54 22 Jan 2014

I hope he is going to warn the straight athletes to leave children alone as well!!

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