Putin gets it right

  Al94 19:26 17 Jan 2014

Vladimir Putin has often concerned me but for once an amazing amount of common sense has been displayed. If only it could be replicated throughout Europe click here

  wee eddie 19:47 17 Jan 2014

Why on earth does he think that Gay folk should want to have anything to do with children.

Unfortunately the man is/has become a short of pantomime right wing villain. Not good for a country

  Al94 19:55 17 Jan 2014

You have totally missed the point. He introduced a bill making a law that gay people cannot express their views on gay rights or issues to anyone under age. Once they are of age, they are free to make their own minds up. Equates to no displays in the media of same sex relationships promoted as normal to young impressionable children.

  Forum Editor 20:10 17 Jan 2014


I think it's you who is missing the point. wee eddie is right, Putin isn't on the same planet as most of us when it comes to understanding these things.

You seem to think that 'young impressionable children' as you put it, will somehow be corrupted by learning that a Gay relationship is every bit as acceptable to enlightened people as a heterosexual one.

That attitude - the one that secretly believes homosexuals are distasteful creatures, and that children will be corrupted if they learn about Gay people - belongs back in the dark ages. Calling Putin's repressive policy "an amazing amount of common sense" demonstrates just how deep-rooted homophobia can be in some people.

  Al94 20:47 17 Jan 2014

I object to being labelled as homophobic.

Of course young under age children are being seriously corrupted, anyone who thinks otherwise is divorced from reality.

Humour me with an opinion on why there is a huge and sustained increase in the number of suicides in my area particularly in young adolescent males where sexuality issues appear to be the root of the reason? This after two decades of promoting the gay lifestyle as normal to children!

My opinion is that experimentation in what is being promoted as normal is leaving some young people confused and uncomfortable leading to disastrous consequences.

This promotion is close to child abuse and I predict will turn out to be a massive failed social experiment in the fulness of time.

  Al94 21:18 17 Jan 2014

Is that so fm?

I have friends who are gay with whom we socialise. They are mature adults and I have no issue with their sexuality. I treat them ad I would anyone else otherwise they wouldn't come near me.

That is not the debate here which you conveniently choose to ignore.

  Al94 21:40 17 Jan 2014

What is much more worrying is the corruption of our young people by excessive exposure to extreme pornography and media driven exposure to alternative lifestyles.

  Aitchbee 21:41 17 Jan 2014

I also think that Mr Putin 'got it right'. The Olympics are/is all about sport ... everything else is outwith this ideal ... including sexual politics!

  Forum Editor 21:48 17 Jan 2014


Your prejudice simply shouts out from everything you say on the subject, but you can't see it.

You obviously don't grasp the basics of this - young people don't 'learn' to become homosexuals - it's something which they recognise about themselves as they grow up, and if you think that experimenting with and/or confusion about sexuality is a new thing you really don't have much of a clue. Adolescents have been experimenting and feeling confused since humans first stood on two legs, it has absolutely nothing to do with "promoting the gay lifestyle as normal to children".

Being Gay is normal - it's been normal for thousands of years. What happened in the latter half of the 20th century was that enlightened people stopped persecuting and prosecuting homosexuals, and as a consequence started to realise that it was more common than they had previously thought.

"Humour me with an opinion on why there is a huge and sustained increase in the number of suicides in my area particularly in young adolescent males where sexuality issues appear to be the root of the reason?"

How do you know that sexuality issues are the root cause?

Let's look at some facts.

Suicide rates in young men are rising, and they're rising all over the world, not just in your area. If sexuality issues are the root cause, perhaps you'll humour me with an explanation of why suicides among young women are not rising. Plenty of women are Gay.

The suicide rate increases in men between the ages of 65 and 75 - is that because someone has promoted what you offensively refer to as 'the Gay lifestyle' to them?

The suicide rate among men has been shown to be directly related to the unemployment level in countries all over the world.

Other factors are known to affect the suicide rate in young men, and are believed to be involved in the increased rate. They are:-

Adolescence is being prolonged. Many men do not leave the parental home or become financially independent until they are in their mid 20s, whereas years ago they were working by the time they were 16, and leaving home before their 19th birthday. The late onset of independence can cause depression, and depression is a major factor in all suicides.

Young men are having to compete with young women in the job market to a far greater extent than ever before, and are finding it hard to accept that very often women are more successful than they are.

Drug use has increased, and a correlation between convictions for drug offences and suicides among young men has been found in several countries.

Many young men find it very difficult to talk about their mental state - unlike women, who will readily discuss such things with friends and health professionals. Young men bottle their stress up until it becomes intolerable. They can see no solution, so they take the only way out that seems to them to be available.

I have seen no scientific study that cites 'promoting the gay lifestyle as normal to children' as a causal factor in the increase in suicide rates among young men. Feel free to demonstrate to me that I'm wrong.

  Forum Editor 21:57 17 Jan 2014

"What is much more worrying is the corruption of our young people by excessive exposure to extreme pornography and media driven exposure to alternative lifestyles."

Make your mind up - one minute you're saying that Gay people are corrupting young children, and now you're claiming that really the bigger danger is 'excessive exposure to extreme pornography'. How do you know that our young people are being exposed to it? Some undoubtedly are, but the vast majority are not. Being able to access something, and being exposed to it are two different things - one is passive (exposure) and the other is active.

As for "media driven exposure to alternative lifestyles." what on earth does that mean? If you mean homosexuality, say so, and explain how a child is going to be corrupted by reading about Gay people in a newspaper or magazine. What kind of corruption are you talking about, anyway - what is the corruption that worries you so?

  wee eddie 22:09 17 Jan 2014

FE: Stoutly put

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