Put a face to a name on PCA

  Graham. 10:18 18 Dec 2009

click here

I'm still here, but many are not.

  rawprawn 13:43 20 Dec 2009

Thank you Graham. email sent.

  Graham. 14:34 20 Dec 2009

I've taken a little colour out.

  Graham. 14:46 20 Dec 2009

Not arrived yet.

  Graham. 14:58 20 Dec 2009

Photo added.

  Brumas 15:21 20 Dec 2009

I thought I would post my mugshot so that any disgruntled puzzlers could print it out and then throw darts at it on a Friday night ;o)

  Brumas 17:43 20 Dec 2009

Thanks, all we need now is one of Bingalau, that is if he can find a camera with a lens strong enough not to crack!!!

  Graham. 22:44 20 Dec 2009

I could reduce the resolution and the size of all the pictures if necessary. At the moment it's 'warts and all'.

Please let me know the consensus of feeling - it's your site now.

  Devil Fish 23:11 20 Dec 2009

pic sent and thanks to graham for sorting out hosting for this

  Demora 09:47 21 Dec 2009

I'm still around. Not changed much either.


  Graham. 09:59 21 Dec 2009

Greetings. I think it is a lot easier these days, none of that ftp to bother with.

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