Public Transport Energy Saving Initiative.

  Aitchbee 16:03 07 Dec 2015

I've noticed that my local no.5 [First double-decker] brand-new-bus has it's engines turned off at every bus stop.

Is this the shape of things to come?

  Gordon Freeman 16:26 07 Dec 2015

has it's engines turned off at every bus stop

How do you know this? Have you followed it and checked at each one?

  OTT_B 16:28 07 Dec 2015

Most cars already have start / stop technology fitted, and is to do with emissions reduction for the current emissions drive cycle test (NEDC), which contains a lot of 'stop' time. The new cycle, due for introduction in 2018 (?) contains far less stop time which will mean manufacturers will re-evaluate if the cost of start / stop systems is the best way to reduce's possible the technology may be removed from cars in the coming years.

Commercial vehicles (buses, for example), are also subject to emissions requirements, but are measured very differently. Start / Stop technology is likely a way to meet these requirements, too. The latest emissions requirements had to be met in 2013, so best guess is that any bus produced 2013 or after will stop the engine every time the bus stops (subject to available battery power to start the engine etc).

  Aitchbee 16:28 07 Dec 2015

Yes ... from Castlemilk to City centre and back on multiple occasions.

  Gordon Freeman 16:31 07 Dec 2015

Just a note that my car does this everytime I stop, and slip into neutral; it's called auto stop/start. To continue my journey, I dip the clutch, and engine re-starts. I thought most newish vehicles had this (if we're talking about the same type of technology), so having it on a bus doesn't surprise me.

  Aitchbee 16:33 07 Dec 2015

Thanks, OTT_B, for that information.

Usually when a bus's engine cut out it invariably meant it had broken down and a change of bus was required. The intermittant silences take some getting used to :o]

  kad292 17:20 07 Dec 2015

New buses that my company have are hybrid engines which switches from the normal engine into the electric one which saves fuel and creates less pollution when stationary, then the driver to start moving presses the accelerator and the engines switch back again.

It does come as a surprise especially when driving one,trying to restart an engine when it is already on is funny to some passengers but not so to a redfaced driver.

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