Public Libraries, Are They Really Necessary?

  oresome 16:43 11 Feb 2018

Northamptonshire CC are going bust but have voted against closing many of it's public libraries to save money.

Like bank branches and post offices, I suspect libraries are not used to the extent they once were as technology and social attitudes change.

I can't remember the last time I visited a library although I was once a regular visitor.

So should we continue to finance libraries perhaps at the expense of other services?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:09 11 Feb 2018

All the libraries in my area are run by Inspire not the council.

I usually go weekly and its busy not just people looking for books but learning groups and schools in there as well.

I can dowload e-books and audiobooks as well as order books and renew online if necessary but i prefer to do it the old fashioned way and browse the shelves.

  Menzie 17:37 11 Feb 2018

Libraries over the years have had to adapt to current technology. My local library not only does books but also DVDs as well as having kiosks up for browsing the web.

On top of that they do e-books, e-music and electronic newspapers and magazines.

When I was in school in most cases our library was used for hopping on to Microsoft Encarta and printing off an article or making notes. The computers were always taken so I used the books instead which actually gave me tons more information.

  Aitchbee 17:38 11 Feb 2018

The public lending libraries in Glasgow are appreciated and well-used by the young children of non English-speaking migrants and therefore I predict that even more money will be allocated to this service. No doubt, the local council tax charge will get bumped up a bit.

BTW, I love going to the libraries so don't mind paying for their usage via taxes.

  Pine Man 08:19 12 Feb 2018

The last time I went to our public library I was confronted by a circle of about 20 mothers and babies singing nursery rhymes!! Obviously the babies couldn't sing but they certainly could cry and scream in unison.

I queried the attack on silence and was told that it was a new initiative to get babies used to libraries and happened several times a week!!

Guaranteed to empty the ailing library of potential borrowers and left to the caterwauling minority that can't even read.

  canarieslover 09:27 12 Feb 2018

I haven't used a library for many years but I regularly pass by our local library. During the school day I often see complete classes of children, resplendent in hi-visit, walking to it with their teachers. I think that it is essential to education that they are in a place where they can learn, and do their research on subjects, the hands on way. Algorithms for programming are all based on real life experiences so learning to search is essential for this. If they make a bit of noise doing it so what, libraries aren't Chapels of Rest. It is very easy to forget, as regular computer and forum users, that even in 2018 not everyone is connected to the Internet. There are still many elderly who don't wish to be and others to whom the expense is more than they can justify. I think that even in this age they are a necessity.

  Pine Man 09:48 12 Feb 2018

If they make a bit of noise doing it so what, libraries aren't Chapels of Rest.

I have no problem at all with a bit of chatter from children old enough to appreciate the facilities of a library, or learning to use those facilities, but draw the line at babies screaming while their mothers sing nursery rhymes to them.

  Cymro. 10:43 12 Feb 2018

Like many I don't attend the library as I used to but I certainly don't want to see them close down. They are a vital place of learning for many and even now not everyone has or wants a computer. The staff are always very helpful and can find the book you need or at least order it in for you. It's not just books is it but C.Ds. D.V.Ds. computers, newspapers and magazines plus other services such as access to local authority information.

There was talk of cutting back on our local library opening hours but in the end they have moved the whole library over to the local authority leisure centre. The saving in running costs has been considerable and even more use is now made of the library, perhaps people call in at the library on their way to the swimming pool.

  alanrwood 10:43 12 Feb 2018

I tend to agree with Pineman. Libraries are not the place for screaming babies while mothers sing to them. If they want to do it then fine but not in a library where people go to learn and research. I would certainly be furious if I went to the library for some serious research and found it full of screaming kids etc. They should hire the local village/church hall for such activities. Certainly bring kids to the library but when they are of an age to understand and appreciate the facility.

  Pine Man 15:40 12 Feb 2018

Maybe if these institions made a room for the little ones

If you are referring to the screaming babies - why? What purpose is their in having a room for babies to scream in and for their mothers to sing nursery rhymes?

We are talking about libraries not nurseries.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:48 12 Feb 2018

I think more and more people are using audioboks (talking books) I prefer them to music on long commutes in the car and people listen to them on their phones on train bus and tram journeys.

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