Public Castigation by a Politician.

  morddwyd 20:39 28 Nov 2016

I've written a couple of letters to a national daily criticising a politician on a stance he has taken.

Today he has castigated me on the same level, in the same daily, using the full panoply of his official position.

All part of normal politics, of course, and no skin off my nose, but should politicians get involved, in their official position rather than just defending themselves as individuals, in a public wrangle with an individual named constituent, over what is little more than a bit of sustained heckling?

Like I said, no problem for me, in fact I'm rather flattered, but I cannot feek it is good politics.

This is surely the sort of stuff that politicians face daily?

  Old Deuteronomy 22:57 28 Nov 2016

As I see it if you cannot accept reasonable criticism, you are not fit for the job.

  lotvic 23:14 28 Nov 2016

Difficult to comment on as I've not read the articles. However my first reaction was to think - you publicly criticised his/her political stance on an issue and the politician publicly responded. Tit for Tat.

  morddwyd 08:12 29 Nov 2016


Yes, and he is perfectly entitled to come back, but I criticised him as an individual, and not for his politics, and had he responded in the same vein, as Joe Bloggs of Acacia Avenue I would have had no complaint, but not from local party HQ with all of his official title. Most politicians take such stuff in their stride or make a joke of it.

Imagine if Corbyn publicly responded to everyone who publicly criticised him!

Simon Jary often contributes to the forum, but only uses his title when he's making an "official" response.

I repeat, I'm not overly bothered, just wondering if it's good politics.

  x123 09:13 29 Nov 2016

I've written a couple of letters to a national daily criticising a politician on a stance he has taken.

From your opening sentence it looks as if you have attacked him as a politician and he would have every right to reply as such. Unless you can post links to the matter, it would be difficult to comment fully.

If the reply just said from Fred Blogs MP, I cannot see any problem.

  wee eddie 09:52 29 Nov 2016

morddwyd: Could the recipient of your criticism be engaging in your banter, which he perhaps considered to be the basis of your correspondence.

  Pine Man 09:53 29 Nov 2016

Surely you have achieved what you set out to do.

You have publicly aired your criticism and he has publicly acknowledged that criticism and replied to it.

  morddwyd 11:52 29 Nov 2016

"he would have every right to reply as such"

He certainly has, and I have said as much.

I am just wondering if it is sensible politics.

Let me make it clear again. If I engage in public debate, whether on this forum or in a wider field, I fully expect to get as good as I give.

However, if his argument is good it should stand on its own and not need the fully panoply of his official titles t strengthen it.

Just smacks a bit of self importance to me.

  oresome 13:20 29 Nov 2016

As Joe Public, I guess you were very fortunate to get your views published in a national newspaper.

A rebuttal from any other Joe Public would stand a equally slender chance of being published.

Only by adding his full title does he distinguish himself and increase the chances of publication.

  Pine Man 13:22 29 Nov 2016

I fully expect to get as good as I give.

You publicly criticised an MP for a stance he took. He publicly castigated you for the stance you took.

Sounds like you got better than you gave!

  Forum Editor 16:06 29 Nov 2016

"I am just wondering if it is sensible politics."

It isn't politics, is it? You said "I criticised him as an individual, and not for his politics"

Then you wonder if it is sensible politics for this person to respond. If you criticised him personally, then surely he has a perfect right to respond personally? To be honest, I can't see a problem.

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