A public accolade never goes amiss

  Forum Editor 19:16 14 Mar 2006

so here goes:

As many of you know, I periodically need 'horse's mouth' responses from Microsoft regarding consumer issues that crop up here, and in the magazine. My point of contact with the company is the UK Press Office, and for a number of years I've grown used to speaking with the people who provide information to journalists, arrange interviews, etc., etc.

One of my regular contacts, with whom I've worked for several years, has done more to cement good relations between me and Microsoft than anyone else, and she's leaving the company tomorrow to take up a post with a market leading company in the IT PR field. This person has been unfailing helpful to me, and has gone out of her way to see that I got what I wanted in terms of interviews with senior Microsoft people - often at very short notice.

I know that she often looks in on our discussions here, in the forum, so I would like to take the opportunity to say a public thank you to you, Mui - I wish you well with your new job, and I hope that our paths cross again at some point in the future. I shall miss your cheerful, friendly voice at the other end of the phone.

  anskyber 19:40 14 Mar 2006

Spot on FE. We are too quick to criticise these days and a "well done" frequently does more to improve or keep up high standards of service that constant moaning. So let me add my thanks because although MS has its critics, and perhaps on occassions justified, we must remember that the progress they have made albeit for the sake of profit has given the world something we should be thankful for.

  mole44 20:04 14 Mar 2006

thanks Mui,good luck in your new job.

  alB 20:47 14 Mar 2006

Best wishes for the future...alB

  Forum Editor 00:06 15 Mar 2006

that there are other people in the Press centre, and I have worked with most of them over the years. They have all been unfailingly courteous and helpful, but Mui has probably been my more frequent point of contact; hence my wish to bid her a public farewell with thanks.

  anskyber 11:25 15 Mar 2006

Indeed, so although I have already done so let add well done Mui and ta to all at MS. Your help has kept FE "on song" and in turn given us here a great service.

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