iqs 17:05 21 Jun 2012

Hi, I was wondering when the best time is for eating prunes,before meals after meals etc tc.

I eat two to three per day ,and have mixed results .


  Woolwell 17:22 21 Jun 2012

I can see the silver mouse hovering already!

  BT 17:43 21 Jun 2012

Don't think it really matters. Their old time laxative reputation used to be because they were coated with Castor Oil as a preservative but this isn't the case any more and any benefits are from natural compounds within them.

  tullie 18:26 21 Jun 2012

What type of prunes are they?

  iqs 19:23 21 Jun 2012

Just simple dried prunes bought from asda

  Forum Editor 19:36 21 Jun 2012

Everything you want to know can be found here

  sunnystaines 12:35 22 Jun 2012

try green walnuts better than prunes

  Belatucadrus 12:48 22 Jun 2012

Note that Sorbitol is also used as a sweetener in many sugar free products like chewing gum, not that they advertise the possible side effects.

  BT 17:37 22 Jun 2012


Although it does have an effect you will have to ingest a fair amount to notice it. That said some people are more sensitive to it than others.

I do seem to remember packets of Polo having a warning of possible side effects.

  caccy 17:44 22 Jun 2012

Try ordinary coffee, not decafinated, works quite rapidly. Never used to have any effect but the effect came on with advancing age (65+).

  Quickbeam 17:55 22 Jun 2012

Can anyone remember who the 1950s/early '60s radio doctor was that was always referring to prunes as black coated workers?

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