Proposed takeover at T.C.A. Towers ;o}}

  Brumas 14:46 06 Oct 2017

With leaked news of a prestigious Japanese Company, who are well known for their early morning callisthenics, impending takeover ringing in their ears the doyens at T.C.A. towers sprang into action implementing their own rigorous form of P.E.

The grammar is atrocious but what the heck!

China, having a history of non-cordial relationships with Japan was last seen heading to Waterloo and the sanctuary of The Union Jack Club having failed to satisfy the trustees of The R.A.F. Club in Mayfair that his father's rank was his by osmosis ;o}}

Just something to raise a laugh in this world of strife and trouble, I only hope it is all taken in the good humour as it was intended?!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:00 06 Oct 2017

Front three appear to be Russians get ready to dance.

Hasn't anybody told the two men with arms up, never to volunteer for anything.

Middle row are lifting "invisible" weights.


  Brumas 15:51 06 Oct 2017

Fruit Bat /\0/\, actually the front row are all suffering from haemorrhoids , the second row were constipated and the men , with arms raised, are about to tell them to switch on the fans ;o}

  Forum Editor 16:06 06 Oct 2017

What can I say?

You obviously know more than I do.

  Brumas 17:27 06 Oct 2017

Forum Editor, phwew, I was expecting the silver mouse :o}

  bumpkin 19:25 06 Oct 2017

I need a clue.

  Teabag. 19:39 06 Oct 2017

Is that William Tell behind the instructor with a crossbow or a disgruntled trainee who is going to batter the instructor with a pick?

  Brumas 20:10 06 Oct 2017

bumpkin and I haven't a clue ;o}

  Brumas 20:12 06 Oct 2017

Teabag., nether, the bloke on the left has just chucked an anchor over his shoulder ;o]

  Brumas 20:12 06 Oct 2017

should read neither.

  Brumas 21:51 06 Oct 2017

I'll green-tick this as it made at least 3 chuckle ;o}

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