A Proper Health & Safety Matter

  morddwyd 08:22 04 Nov 2011

Many will no doubt look at the title and the poster and groan, as I have been known to make the odd H&S comment, but every year, about this time, a real H&S issue goes virtually unchallenged.

The practice of allowing every man and his brother (and sister) to go to the local store and buy unlimited amounts of explosives and take them home to set off in their back gardens, in many cases allowing children to play with them, is totally indefensible.

The number of people injured by fireworks each year far exceeds the total number injured by conkers since the game began, and yet we allow, even encourage, it to go on.

  Aitchbee 18:48 05 Nov 2011

... I am going out now, to enjoy the sights and sounds of a Guy Fawkes night. I enjoy the asynchronous sight of a BIG rocket exploding in the DARK sky and then the ripple ripple ripple of the (same) rocket's sound-effects two seconds later.So far, this evening, counted about a hundred "bangs" per half hour.

  morddwyd 19:32 05 Nov 2011


  Aitchbee 17:32 16 Nov 2011

My sparklers did not work (tried 2) on Guy Fawkes night. Tonight, I got the remainder (8) out of the pack and gave them a 'lick' with the flame from a gas-oven lighter to revive 'em. Yes,SPARKLERS! Now, what can I do with those stout, spent sparkler wires?

  Forum Editor 17:46 16 Nov 2011


"Now, what can I do with those stout, spent sparkler wires?"

Get thee behind me,Satan.

  Aitchbee 19:16 16 Nov 2011

...skewers for snails 'n' slugs...the birds will appreciate my recycling habit.

  Forum Editor 19:28 16 Nov 2011


The birds will catch their own snails and slugs. Skewering them on spent sparkler wire is a deplorable course of action,and I sincerely hope you aren't serious.

  Forum Editor 19:53 16 Nov 2011


Garlic butter, mmmm...

  morddwyd 21:40 16 Nov 2011

Totally off thread, but relevant to the FE's last post, a German winemaker in the Mosel valley told me that during the war French prisoners of war from the French wine growing areas worked in the Mosel vineyards (I think these would be genuine volunteers rather than slave labour - too easy to ruin a centuries old vineyard).

Most autumn mornings would be redolent with the smell of small fires and wild garlic as these workers breakfasted off the snails they were getting from the slopes.

(And if you've never tasted Escargot a la Francaise, with lashings of garlic don't bother with the silly comments!)

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