proof of identity when selling our house?

  mrwoowoo 17:50 26 Apr 2009

we were lucky enough to sell our house a few days ago within 3 hours of going on the market and the estate agent will pay our solicitors bill, so they have picked one of there solicitors, we have just received all the info and forms to fill out and myself and my wife have to prove our identity which the forms states that we need to copy the 2 back pages of a passport and send 2 recent bills/bank statements to them.
Neither myself or my wife have a passport, Has anyone else experienced this and what other way did you have to prove your identity, i will be phoning the solictors up tomorrow to ask what we need to do, but was wondering if anyone could help today, we hope this doesn't hold up the sale.

  Forum Editor 17:56 26 Apr 2009

is that there have been cases of tenants selling a house as if it was theirs, pocketing the money, and being long gone before the deception was detected. It's happened many times over the past few years,so now you'll be asked to prove your identity when selling a property - it makes good sense.

Your driving licence might be accepted as proof of identity, or a copy of your birth certificate.

  Marko797 17:56 26 Apr 2009

not sure on this, or what they would accept, but maybe the new driver's licence (if u have one), in addition to the utility bills.

  mrwoowoo 18:00 26 Apr 2009

i have the old fashioned driving licence without the photo and my wife only has a provisional licence, we have the usual birth, marriage certificates

  Forum Editor 18:14 26 Apr 2009

and offer the documents you have. It won't be the first time a vendor couldn't produce a passport, and it won't be the last. I'm sure this won't affect a successful conclusion of the sale.

  sunnystaines 18:18 26 Apr 2009

sounds like your house was under valued

  Stuartli 20:01 26 Apr 2009

Not necessarily. There are many reasons why some houses sell quicker than others, although this is probably exceptional.

  Woolwell 20:53 26 Apr 2009

The reason that you have to prove your identity is the EU Money Laundering Rules and you can prove this by providing the original or photocopies of passport, driving licence or other documents that confirm your address eg bank statement, utility bill. If you speak to the solicitor they will tell you what they can accept.
This is normal practice nowadays.

  mrwoowoo 23:26 26 Apr 2009

"sounds like your house was under valued"
You would have thought so but...
The agent gave us three prices.One at which it would fly out at.A middle price at which it would sell.But may take a while. And a price at the max of it's range that may not sell.
I put it up at 2 grand below the very top estimate,being prepared to tale an offer.
The first offer was 8 grand below the asking price,which i refused.I finally accepted an offer 5 grand below the asking price knowing that my neighbours house, which is almost identicle went for this price a few months earlier.
It was just fortunate that we live in a popular area and this person wanted our road and ours was the only one up for sale.

  ened 08:11 27 Apr 2009

Woolwell is in fact correct in that it is all to do with money-laundering.

But it is a bit extreme when you hear of people who have had the same solicitor for decades having to go in in person and give them identification.

The problem is that, even if they know you personally, the person doing the auditing does not - and in this day and age it is essential to dot all the 'T's and cross all the 'I's.

  sunnystaines 09:48 27 Apr 2009

moving anywhere away or staying local.

got our place for sale reduced 50,000 still waiting must be overvalued still.

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