Proof of identity, long birth certificate

  bumpkin 21:47 09 Nov 2018

My son 34yrs started a new job (self employed ) as he has been for 10yrs plus. In order to pay him they require proof of identity which is reasonable and quite a normal thing. A passport or birth certificate would do normally both of which he has but his passport has expired so not acceptable. OK so a Birth Certificate which he has, the original one that was given to me . They now say that they require a “Long certificate” showing parents names, something never needed before. Can anyone here help clarify this situation or explain what to do as in the mean time he is working but not being paid under some kind of umbrella system which is something I no nothing about at all.

  Matt Berry 02:00 10 Nov 2018

Welcome to Theresa May’s Hostile Environment Policy.

  alanrwood 09:43 10 Nov 2018

Jobsworth again. Bring back Esther.

  Brumas 10:22 10 Nov 2018

he has but his passport has expired so not acceptable. , forgive me for being naive but if he fulfilled the exacting criteria to obtain a passport - what has changed? In order to obtain the passport in the first place his identity was verified otherwise they would not have issued it!! He is still who he says he is for crying out loud!!

  Forum Editor 10:49 10 Nov 2018

The full 'long' birth certificate has been required by law for the last ten years - the new rules were introduced in 2008, and are nothing to do with Theresa May, as was wrongly claimed by an earlier contributor.

The same rule is in force in America, and in several other countries. The requirement is because of the need to establish whether you have or had at least one parent who was born in the UK. It's to do with citizenship status and the right to work, and it makes sense.

You can get a certified copy of your birth certificate within ten days for £9.25, or it can be posted the next working day for £23.40

It will not come from your son's local authority, but from the National General Register service.

  Matt Berry 10:52 10 Nov 2018

If working through a Umbrella Company they have a legal duty to vet all they're staff and confirm they have a legal right to work in this country.

However some Umbrella Companies seem to think if your passport is not valid that you are not entitled to work here and since 2012 they are pretty hot on it. Which we know is utter rubbish.

Simplest and quickest solution is to renew your Passport.

  KEITH 1955 11:01 10 Nov 2018

Hi bumpkin , as dave says if he sent a COPY of the birth certificate they will know , compare the copy at the side of the original , do they look the same , can you spot a difference , example …... I have a fork truck licence when I scanned it to send with a job application my printer did not scan/print the gold border round the edge. I am currently having a "big brother" battle with hs2 for compensation. My wife and I don't have photo driving licence and our passports have expired , my mum who lives a few doors away is always faced with the same problem. We send off claims forms with as much information as possible to prove we live where we say we do. "BIG BROTHER" returns the info saying correct information not sent.

  Forum Editor 11:02 10 Nov 2018

"...since 2012 they are pretty hot on it. Which we know is utter rubbish."

It's actually commonsense, which is why other countries operate precisely the same policy. A valid passport would be accepted, but your son doesn't have one.

  oresome 12:33 10 Nov 2018

I once foolishly elected to receive Inland Revenue mail electronically.

It worked fine for a while until they tightened the security on their website and from that point on I have been unable to satisfy any of the third party companies who verify identities for them.

Strangely, the Inland Revenue have no difficulty in taxing me.

A recurring question asked by all the ID verifiers was which bank did I take out a current account with in 1958!

I was still in short trousers receiving 6d a week pocket money and my parents didn't have a pot to urinate in so bank accounts were not high on the agenda for any of us at that time.


To this day I only have a short form birth certificate due to the stigma at the time of unmarried couples having children. Funny how times change.

  Forum Editor 12:51 10 Nov 2018


I imagine you can still get a copy certificate from your local authority, but I imagine the National General Register route may be quicker.

  bumpkin 13:33 10 Nov 2018

Thanks for the earlier reply and link FE. Getting a full cert would seem the quickest and easiest route in this case. With my past experiences of going round and round in circles with such sites perhaps you would be good enough to clarify the following. As I understand it the first thing to do is register with GRO, fine but do I register or does it have to be the person requiring the certificate.

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