morddwyd 10:32 15 Mar 2010

Do you realise that there is a whole generation growing up who will have no idea what a floppy is?

Not much on the scale of world events, I know, but the thought just came, uncalled, into my sub-conscious!

  HondaMan 10:48 15 Mar 2010

It's a shame. I still use floppies, quite frequently in fact, to transfer small files around my systems and among my friends, all of whom have followed my advice and kept or obtained a floppy in their system.

  Kevscar1 11:08 15 Mar 2010

No I just can't put my reply to this.
FE would be reaching for his silver mouse.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:32 15 Mar 2010

There are many who do not know what a groat or a farthing was but I'm sure the world will continue and we will find out that it is no great loss to mankind. using a floppy deserve The Award of The Luddite...memory sticks on a keyring are sooo much easier.


  Pine Man 11:42 15 Mar 2010

I suspect that there are many members, including me, who didn't know what a floppy was BEFORE they were invented.

  Kevscar1 13:39 15 Mar 2010

Do you realise this generation and the one befroe it will never now what it,s like for England to win The World Cup, thats a lot sadder than floppies.

  peter99co 13:48 15 Mar 2010

Do you mean 3.5 or the big 7 inch ones? (was it 7 or 8?)

My grandaughter though it was very cool when I played her a 33 rpm LP on my record player.

I still find it useful for converting LP's and EP's to CD via PC.

  Pine Man 14:28 15 Mar 2010

There is a world outside football;-))

  Bingalau 14:53 15 Mar 2010

Does anyone remember those beautiful pieces of furniture called radiograms? Saw one the other day and went over all funny and sad at the same time.. Those were the days.

  Kevscar1 15:02 15 Mar 2010

Pine Man
Agreed and once you,ve seen it once why would you need to see it again.

  bri-an 15:23 15 Mar 2010

Used to be known as brewer's droops in my company.

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