programme about life after man

  iqs 19:04 24 Jun 2010


Sometime ago I saw a trailer for a documentary regarding what would happen to the earth after humankind had vanished...

I have not seen it listed,did I imagine the trailer,or miss it.

Any help appreciated as it looked very interesting thought provoking.


  iqs 19:30 24 Jun 2010

Hi Midgetninja,

Thanks for the reply and link.Just hope I can watch the episodes I've missed.Cheers

  Big L 266 08:34 25 Jun 2010


iqs....I remember it well. I was fascinated at the theory of what would happen if mankind vanished from Earth. Every episode had some fantastic visual effects and, for once in my life, I actually looked forward to the next episode.

A brilliant and outstanding piece of TV which was truly thought-provoking.

Big L 266

  Cymro. 11:19 25 Jun 2010

I am more optimistic about our future as a species on this planet. No doubt that we will have many dangers ahead of us but man is adaptable and intelligent. If we can land a man on the moon in the last millenium then we will achieve even more in the distant future. It will be something of a race against time but I believe that we will survive at least much longer than the pessimists think. Mind you none of us will be around to prove it one way or the other.

  Paddylad 19:43 25 Jun 2010

I agree that we will survive.

Problem is with the wars we fight against each other, and religions spouting their own arrogances we will be a very depleted species.

  Forum Editor 22:49 25 Jun 2010

that the human race will survive and prosper for many hundreds of thousands of years.

I can confidently predict it, sure in the knowledge that I shall not be proved wrong by anyone who will ever read these words.

  iqs 10:35 26 Jun 2010

Hi all,

Thanks for all the replies.

I still haven't watched the new series yet,the next episode is on Sunday evening.Just hope I haven't missed to much.

I borrowed the first series on Thursday (2008).I was very impressed with their scientific predictions,and how they used current places/events to highlight what would/could happen.
Very thought provoking.....

"I can confidently predict it, sure in the knowledge that I shall not be proved wrong by anyone who will ever read these words."

Apart from me,I'm immortal ;-)

  Kevscar1 11:52 27 Jun 2010

Thank God I thought you were on about Jackson

  iqs 12:41 28 Jun 2010

"Thank God I thought you were on about Jackson" ???

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