A profit warning from another company

  oresome 12:47 19 Jan 2018

Somewhat surprisingly it's a funeral service provider.

Customers were becoming increasingly price-conscious in an oversupplied industry, the company said, adding it would freeze prices for traditional funerals in a majority of its locations to protect market share and deliver efficiency savings.


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  Cymro. 12:57 19 Jan 2018

Around some parts of the country many of the small traditional family ran funeral directors have been taken over by the Co-op. They do still use the original family name though.

  Govan1x 14:26 19 Jan 2018


All depends if you can trust the Coop.

That's another one that almost that almost went bust because of some chairman they had who had no banking experience so they say.

They have sold most of their shops and Chemist to try and recoup some of the loses.

And I shifted banks just in just to be in the safe side. I always used the Coop for shopping and banking but hard to find one of their shops that are still open in small towns.

  Forum Editor 14:34 19 Jan 2018

"They have sold most of their shops and Chemist"

The Co-op is Britain's fifth largest food retailer, with 2500 branches. The company is also Britain's largest funeral services provider, and is a major insurer.

  Cymro. 14:57 20 Jan 2018

In the small town I was brought up in there used to be the usual Co-op grocery, plus a separate butcher, coal merchant, furniture household goods, clothing, insurance. They were all in different streets with all the extra overheads. Eventually they all closed down only to be replaced by a large modern Coo-op supermarket. Even that has now closed down when Tesco bought the site for their new even larger supermarket.

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