Proff Brian Cox.

  rdave13 22:25 14 Nov 2013

The Science of Dr Who. Just watched this program on BBC2 and was enthralled by it. All theories, I agree, but also possibilities, in future space travel. Well put forward, as all lectures, and even if I missed a few points, I still found the subject fascinating. Worth a look on iplayer if you missed it.

  morddwyd 08:15 15 Nov 2013

I have tried to watch him several times.

No doubting his expertise and knowledge, but to me he is the most boring speaker known to man, worse than any politician, and sends me to sleep within minutes.

A great pity, and my loss, because he presents some intriguing stuff, as you have indicated.

  fourm member 08:53 15 Nov 2013

What I liked was the way the BBC demonstrated time travel during the programme.

During the second part, the chalkboard in the background showed writing that Cox put up during the third part.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:24 15 Nov 2013

"demonstrated time travel during the programme"

continuity errors :0)

Enjoyed the lecture but a little disappointed, I wanted to know how a sonic screwdriver worked so I could build my own.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:12 15 Nov 2013

I have not watched The Science of Doctor Who but, did watch his recent three part series about science in Britain. He does, at least, avoid the pitfall of assuming his audience have the intelligence of a worm and the memory of a rather stupid goldfish, unlike many tv presenters.

  john bunyan 13:25 15 Nov 2013

I enjoyed the lecture; I was not quite sure how he decided the angle of the light cone. H did not mention the problem that if backward tine travel were to be possible, what would happen if you or someone murdered your father or grandfather before you were conceived.

  hastelloy 14:09 15 Nov 2013

john bunyan

That's a good question. If you went back and murdered you grandfather then you could never have existed to go back ..............

Haven't watched the programme yet but have it recorded.

  fourm member 14:23 15 Nov 2013
  VCR97 19:10 15 Nov 2013
  rdave13 20:53 15 Nov 2013

"Pertwee, of course, lacked gadgets having been stranded on Earth for budgetary reasons." Made me laugh, VCR97, from your link. So even a time lord can be skint at times.

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