Professional Footballers as Roll Models (What a laugh)

  Bing.alau 21:14 22 Apr 2013

I'm surprised there has been no thread opened about the Liverpool player who gave his opponent a rather over the ball, love bite. Maybe they should issue him with a muzzle when, and after he has served his ban.

Sorry but if I can't joke about this event I would feel like crying. When are these overpaid posers going to behave in a manner which makes them look like real hero's.

  wee eddie 21:25 22 Apr 2013

They never set themselves up as Role Models

  Bing.alau 21:36 22 Apr 2013

wee eddie. Some of them do. Where did I get the word "roll" from when it should have been "role"? Oh well Rock on.... It must be getting near my bed time.

  Bing.alau 21:45 22 Apr 2013

To be serious, I know a few of them from my pub days. Some are really good role models and give a lot back to the community. But these overpaid nonentities spoil it in a fit of pique. Probably been spoiled and got away with being brats all their lives.

I can't remember anything like it happening until recent years when another oaf by the name of Cantona did his Kung-Fu act in front of thousands and should have been jailed for it. Why don't the police arrest the culprit then and there in full public view. Football grounds are public places aren't they?

They should stick this offender in the stocks and let the public take little nibbles out of him.

  wee eddie 00:04 23 Apr 2013

We set them up as Role Models. It is us that suggest that our kids emulate them. We tell them that, because we pay them lots of money, they should behave like saints and then moan when they behave like the rest of us.

They just want to play Football and make as much money as they can in their short playing career.

  kad60 00:27 23 Apr 2013

Whether they are set up as "role models" or believe themselves to be is not the issue in this case it is whether an adult can understand the difference between right and wrong but in what can be considered criminal behaviour off field then why not should it be considered on field.Ivanovic should be bringing a private case against this thug (and cheat),no one else wants to, who appears to be worse than Barton.

  morddwyd 06:54 23 Apr 2013

"Ivanovic should be bringing a private case against this thug"

Why? Why should it be a private case?

Why aren't the police taking action?

  Quickbeam 07:01 23 Apr 2013

The police aren't taking action because no complaint has been made. The club and the FA will deal with it internally (thereby keeping it under the carpet?).

  Quickbeam 07:50 23 Apr 2013

The talk on Five Live last night was an expectation of a 3 month ban and a hefty (even for a well paid footballer) fine. Watch this space as I think the FA is very displeased at the subsequent post event publicity that this has attracted and will want to be seen to be very hard on girlie biters.

  Forum Editor 08:00 23 Apr 2013

The fact that you are good at football doesn't automatically mean that you are also equipped to behave as a role model. Some footballers are models of sportsmanship, others seem to have a street-fighter mentality.

Football is a contact sport, there are people on the pitch who are very young, and testosterone is coursing through their bodies - there will be incidents. It's up to a club's management to identify those players who are likely to cross the line, and help them to control their anger, whilst avoiding any tendency to eliminate aggression altogether. It's not easy, and from time to time something will happen that hits the headlines.

When it happens there should be a rapid response from the club management, and - when necessary - from the FA. Serious incidents should attract serious penalties against both club and player.

  BT 08:16 23 Apr 2013

...and then moan when they behave like the rest of us.

I don't, and I'll bet no one else on this Forum goes around biting people. I will admit to a bit of verbal abuse to those people who ignore my 'No Cold Callers' sign and still ring my doorbell anyway. Perhaps I should take up biting them !!

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