product reviews do you believe them.

  KEITH 1955 13:07 23 Mar 2019

Have you ever fallen foul of a review , for legal reasons don't say the company name they wont like it.

When looking to purchase something new I now automatically look at product reviews AND product recalls before purchasing. I look at the products on site for feedback as well as individual sites such as amazon and trust pilot. It surprises me just how varied the reviews are for a specific item. The products own site comments sometimes are way different to the independents such as trust pilot and amazon. The comments by individuals also vary as well , one customer gives 5 stars and another gives 1 and says you have been warned.

Here are a few examples. The high street shop reviews say brilliant pc , the best I ever bought. The makers website reviews say noisy fans , overheats , crashes constantly and even remote access I.T. cant fix them.A small electric kettle for elderly mum. Shop reviews say brilliant. Amazon customers say overheating/steaming deathtrap.

Have you ever noticed that bad comments usually get a stock reply that has obviously been pasted onto the complaint. It is illegal to block bad comments BUT their are ways round it.

This is a personal experience of my own. I bought a 3 piece suite from a well known store and when it was delivered the driver would not take it out of the van till I had paid the remaining £2,800. Due to his attitude if I had been living on my own I would have told him to shove it and loose my deposit. I was not even allowed to pay with credit card. On unwrapping it was obvious it was faulty , he just took photos and told me to ring the office. Apparently they employ a team of fixers so I could not reject it as now fit for purpose. A team of fixers on new furniture ????

I was so mad that before I went to bed I posted the same review on the makers and an independent site. The next morning I checked for feedback and on both sites found my review on page 26 ???? Tounge in cheek comment here …. APPARENTLY over 70 REAL people had posted GOOD reviews , they must have done it at 3am and that's how my BAD one was now on page 26 where nobody would see it !!!!

  oresome 13:43 23 Mar 2019

I do read product reviews before purchase and indeed complete them myself.

One factor common to all is that the would be reviewer is asked for their opinion shortly after purchase whereas it can be several months later that issues come to light.

I don't take too much notice of individual comments by users, but look for a pattern of likes and dislikes and recurring problems.

Obviously reviews are open to manipulation and I agree that two reviewers can give polar opposite opinions on a product which is why I look for broader trends.

  martd7 15:48 23 Mar 2019

Polar opposites is correct many reviews of 1* and 5* for products it's not easy knowing who to believe

I recently purchased some Mackie cr3 monitor speakers,some very bad reviews on Amazon and some really good ones,I finally purchased them from a local Music equipment shop,If anything goes wrong within 2y I'll return them under warranty,so far these are good

  morddwyd 18:41 23 Mar 2019

I do read product reviews to get a bit of background, though not normally "on site" reviews.

I rarely buy tech without checking out Tech Radar, Trusted Reviews or Tech Advisor.

I rare'y read Amazon five star reviews, but always read the one, two and three star reviews.

  Aitchbee 20:29 23 Mar 2019

Off subject slightly but I sometimes see people in charity shops scanning certain items with their smart phones, I guess to check on the intrinsic value of the item ... I like to check on the reviews given, usually on any CDs or DVDs that I may have bought once I get home. My serotonin levels invariably get sent on a magical mystery rollercoaster ride when ever I look at some of the reviews, at times. It's definitely an addiction!

  qwbos 20:36 23 Mar 2019

Neither Amazon nor Trust Pilot reviews are trustworthy.

Classic example from Amazon a few months ago was when I was looking for a dashcam. A certain model kept appearing on daily deals "reduced" from a little under £300 to less than £30, and was listed as the No 1 best seller, even though it seemed to appear and disappear from Amazon listings with suspicious regularity. There was great similarity between the rave 5 star reviews, all of which failed Fakespot and Searching for any information on the dashcam online found only Amazon listings.

The big problem is that Amazon doesn't seem inclined to ban sellers who are clearly trying to fool people into buying rubbish using fake reviews. They seem to have the same policy with sellers selling counterfeit products.

That said, at least with Amazon, you can be reasonably sure of getting a refund if you're sold rubbish.

You'll find numerous references to dodgy reviews on Trust Pilot. I've only submitted one review on Trust Pilot and wouldn't bother again. The review was fair but negative and justifiably so, but Trust Pilot decided it didn't comply with their terms as my comments referred to the service I'd had from the seller and not the item I'd bought. I was invited, by Trust Pilot, to review both, so this was a clear example of manipulation.

  Belatucadrus 20:44 23 Mar 2019

I like reading negative reviews from people who have clearly not read the instruction manual and have no idea how the item in question is meant to work. For example the guy who swears blind his WiFi extender doesn't work, yet reading his comments he's clearly installed it in the blind spot he's trying to cure. Utterly unaware that as it's effectively a signal amp if he puts it in the dead zone it can't amplify the router signal as there's nothing for it to work with.

  morddwyd 13:09 24 Mar 2019

Like eBay, I am a bit diffident about Amazon Marketplace sellers having been caught out a few times. Don't use them if I can help it'

Amazon are doing their other traders no favours by aloowing these dodgy ones on site.

  morddwyd 09:23 25 Mar 2019

By coincidence I gave a one star review to an Amazon branded product yesterday (I did not request a return).

Within hours I got an email apologising for the shortcomings I had mentioned,and asking if I heeded further support.

At least somebody reads them!

  FastTiger 22:47 26 Mar 2019

I found the same, especially with supplement companies. I noticed the brand's own site has great reviews, trust pilot will say something different.

I also find that products bought through Amazon have terrible reviews. Quite often people state that the product tasted different from when they bought it from more trusted retailers such as Holland & Barrett and Argos.

In the end, I found a comparison site which reviews the supplements and fitness products, and the suppliers, and provides impartial advice.

Here is an example of a product page:

click here also review companies, too. I tried some Myprotein stuff and it was terrible! This is how I found the Fitness Savvy site! I googled myprotein reviews and found that I wasn't the only one who found their products to be less than great.

On their site, they have brilliant feedback, but when you look deeper, it turns out that they sell terrible products, made with cheap ingredients.

click here yeah, I feel your pain with this, but luckily some companies are genuinely trying to make a difference and highlight what's good and what's bad.

They So

  KEITH 1955 06:53 27 Mar 2019

I recently went to a shop to "view" something i was told you cant open the box to look at it till you have paid for it then if you dont like it you go to another counter for a refund. A few months later i went to a different branch of the shop and i said i got to pay before i look havent i. I told them what happened before and i said if i am telling lies why did i offer to pay before you opened it.

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