Problems WithPIR Detector

  morddwyd 19:21 27 Dec 2014

My kitchen lightswitch has been replaced by a PIR detector (domestic reasons).

The light itself is a 6 unit bar, using low voltage 35 w GU 10 bulbs.

Having worked without problems for fifteen tears or more, the lights have suddenly started flashing on and off when the unit switches off. They don't all flash in unison, but no discoverable sequence either, seems to be random.

I have replaced the unit, but the fault is still there.

Any ideas? The bulbs can't flash without a voltage, which must come from the switch, but two different units, one well used and one brand new, are hardly likely to have the same fault.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:18 27 Dec 2014

Thought the GU10 was a 240v buld not a low voltage

do you have a transformer connected to the 6 bar light unit or direct off mains?

  BRYNIT 21:45 27 Dec 2014

Did you check that the PIR switch was compatable with the lighting unit/buklbs you have?

I fitted a pair of PIR's to operate the upstairs and down stairs light for an elderly person a few years ago. I found that they were not compatable with the old style energy saving light bulbs, they worked for a while and then stat to switch on and off so fitted normal bulbs. I've never tried them with the new energy saving bulb supplied today.

  BRYNIT 21:47 27 Dec 2014

Not to self check spelling. It should say bulbs and not buklbs.

  bumpkin 23:10 27 Dec 2014

Very odd fault, I have GU 10 bulbs in my bathroom and they are 240V low energy but not low voltage. As you say they must have power to light up and flash. I would be thinking you may have developed a wiring fault i.e. live into the switch and live out from it shorting before the switch.

  bumpkin 23:21 27 Dec 2014

Or something is triggering the PIR, how long does the flashing go on for after the lights should be off?

  bumpkin 23:27 27 Dec 2014

A long shot, but have you altered the position of the bulbs so that the PIR is picking up on heat from the halogen bulbs themselves.

  morddwyd 08:18 28 Dec 2014

Thanks for the responses. My apologies for the lack of clarity, I will try to answer.

The bulbs are, as you say, mains powered, don't know why I was convinced it was a low voltage unit.

As I said, the PIR unit has been in fault free use for fifteen years or more, so compatibility is unlikely to be a problem. This would also apply to the positioning of the unit.

I should clarify that the flashing is more a milliseconds flash like a photofash regather than the regular flash of a car indicator. Switching on is perfectly normal. as soon as there is movement in the room.

The flashing does on for at least two hour after switch off.

Both units are Ecoswitch LC-750S, two wire system, earthed through the backing plate and fixing screws. There is no manual override. The design seems fairly stable as the new one looks identical to the fifteen year old one.

  bumpkin 16:29 28 Dec 2014

This is interesting me. Are the bulbs flashing continuously or just at random?

  bumpkin 16:34 28 Dec 2014

Another point, can you adjust the sensitivity of the pir sensor.

  bumpkin 16:44 28 Dec 2014

I know that I should mind my own business but I can't help but wonder what is wrong with using a normal switch.

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