Problems with Nissan Advert blocking forum page on Galaxy Tablet

  lotvic 23:41 03 Feb 2014

Anyone else having problems viewing pca forum on a Tablet? I find it impossible because Nissan Advert takes over full page and can neither be played nor closed.

  wee eddie 09:18 04 Feb 2014

lotvic: Many of the Code Writers, employed by the Advertising Industry, appear to have little regard for the operation of their work.

All they are interested in is the Image that they are creating and let the consumer go hang!

It happens, on this site, too regularly for this to be a coincidence

  Matt Egan 09:41 04 Feb 2014

Hi Iotvic. This is not obvious, but if you tap the screen while the video is playing a 'close' button appears in the bottom righthand corner. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  lotvic 12:21 04 Feb 2014

It doesn't play, but I did manage to get it to close. Then when swapping forums etc - back to square one and try to get it to close again and with other adverts at bottom popping up and having to be closed down... Y'know what, it's not worth the hassle trying to navigate site on my Tablet. I'll stick to my desktop with ad-blocker.

  Flak999 12:55 04 Feb 2014


I'll stick to my desktop with ad-blocker.

Agree absolutely! Trying to navigate the forums on my ipad is just plain unpleasant. I was trying to post this morning, and what with the adverts, links and new windows opening every time you try to do something, it's much easier just to use the desktop with adblocker.

  lotvic 13:23 04 Feb 2014

Flak999, yes trying to navigate pca with a touch screen is mighty frustrating.

  lotvic 13:45 04 Feb 2014

Woolwell, huh, showoff ;D

  Flak999 14:22 04 Feb 2014

I have found a way round this for users of IOS devices, Adblocker for IOS is available from the App store for free. It works on my IPhone 4s and on my new IPad air perfectly.

  Phil Ocifer 15:54 04 Feb 2014

Absolute bloody nuisance. 3 times I've had it now and my tablet has hung 3 times. Nexus 7. Thanks Nissan, but if I want a cashquai I know where my dealership is.

  bremner 15:58 04 Feb 2014



  Menzie 17:17 04 Feb 2014

I remember such adverts popping up on my phone but since I've started browsing the site with Opera Mini they don't come up any more while surfing the mobile site.

I'm typing this from my Galaxy W right now.

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