Problems with leak on my roof.

  Govan1x 12:56 05 Oct 2017

Is there any up to date programs that you can view the condition of your roof.

I have a small leak beside the chimney which gets into the loft it is probably the lead flashing needing sorted. Chimney is halfway up the roof.

Just wondered if there was any modern programs that can give you an aerial view of the roof.

Getting to old to get up there myself mind you if I had the proper ladders I would still give it a go.

I know the obvious choice would be a drone with a camera but looking for something free.

I was going to post this in the helproom but thought that maybe this was the proper forum for it. Will soon know if it gets shifted.

  rickf 13:06 05 Oct 2017

Have you got a reasonable camera with zoom lens. I mean a proper camera not a phone one. If so you can have a oretty decent look.

  oresome 13:17 05 Oct 2017

Get a couple of tradesmen to give you quotes and get them to take a few photos with your phone or camera while they are up there to show you the problem.

The lead flashing and chimney pointing seem likely causes.

  Govan1x 13:20 05 Oct 2017

Not got one. I have an old video camera that I have not used in about 5 years might get a better look with that.

The problem is that it is at the back of the chimney where the water is getting in so will not be able to see anything.

  Govan1x 13:33 05 Oct 2017

Tradesmen were my next thought as that may be the best way. Had problems with the chimney about 10 years ago and it was partly rebuilt so maybe the flashing has moved.

If that is the case it should only be a 10 minute job fixing it and would a tradesman actually want to do such a minor repair.

  wee eddie 14:24 05 Oct 2017

It is a bad idea to tell a Tradesman exactly what you want him to do.

Get a couple of them to tell you how they would solve your problem and at what cost and chose the one that suits you best.

Some will say that the tiles are "Nail-Sick" and you need to re-roof, others will suggest replacement of the Flashing. If part of the Flashing has gone, the rest can't be far behind it.

  rickf 17:04 05 Oct 2017

Try to get a one man band as it were and not a company. The latter tends to want a big overall. Has same issue with my kitchen roof but just couldn't find a roofer but lots of companies who wanted to re-roof when I know the problem is not that serious.

  Govan1x 17:49 05 Oct 2017

Ok not going to get it fixed without getting someone in to fix it. Just thought that maybe there was some app that would give me a satellite view of the roof.

Just back from Holidays and it is not an emergency so will look around for someone to fix it for me in the next 4 weeks or so. Will ask some of the neighbors if they know of anyone first.

Will class as resolved but feel free to post any new ideas at any time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:58 05 Oct 2017

In the case of water leaks I would suggest you do something sooner rather than later.

Water damage can get bad quickly and 4 weeks is plenty of time for some heavy rain to cause big problems.

  bumpkin 18:11 05 Oct 2017

Is the chiney used? The reason I ask is that I had a lot of problems with one of mine and found it easier and cheaper to take it down below the roof and repair the hole.Only took me and a friend about half a day with him on the roof and me dealing with the mess.

  Govan1x 18:39 05 Oct 2017


Yes still in use still use the old back boiler method and use the gas fire separately.

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/. I was toying with the idea of leaving it to after Xmas but it is not going to wait hat long.

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