Problems with Facebook.

  DANZIG 08:20 04 Feb 2011

Is anyone else having issues with the aforementioned site?

The problem comes with accessing my profile, it continually goes back to what it looked like about a week ago, messages don't arrive for hours both two and from me and various other websites' 'share' buttons appear not to be working.

I've tried it in various browsers, changed my password and the problem still persists.

The various ways I access it on my phone all seem to be exhibiting the same problem as well, with the ONLY exception being the 'Facebook for Android' application.

  interzone55 09:32 04 Feb 2011

I have found that the various Facebbok servers seem to have issues at different times.

Sometimes a post from my phone using m.facebook on the Opera browser won't appear for several hours on the standard server, and never show up on touch.facebook

I wonder if the new datacentre has come on stream yet? Facebook is currently hosted in several third party datacentres like rackspace and the load balancing between these third party sites seems to becoming something of an issue so a couple of years ago they announce a new massive datacentre in Oregan and last year another one in North Carolina so that all their servers would be company owned and managed...

  DANZIG 14:52 04 Feb 2011

My Facebook For Android thing on my phone has started exhibiting strange issues just after I posted the original post.

Had to re-install the application and all seems fine for now. However on my PC, Facebook is still saying I've got the same profile picture as I had on the 31st of January - which I haven't. Also, apparently the last post I made was on 31st January, which again, it isn't!

I've experienced things like this before with FB, but never for so long...

  ella33 10:39 08 Feb 2011

Using the pc, I only read messages on the activity stream. It is true that they don't really show on my profile staight away but as I have it set to friends only, I thought that maybe people only see what is intended for them so maybe that was why. When I use facebook on the phone, I don't check it on the pc the same day, so I think those things are probably more obvious to people who use it more frequently.

To me facebook seems quite efficient at sharing messages and photos and I sometimes use instant chat, when a friend is online but I haven't checked how well it really works.

  DANZIG 08:33 09 Feb 2011

Its been over a week now, my profile is STILL saying its 31st January.

I am now convinced its a server issue. My phone keeps coming up with a 'too many server redirects' error message when I try to access it using Facebook mobile.

Facebook Touch keeps asking me for my password - but eventually works.

Facebook for Android isn't working at all - even though it was last night.

Bizarrely though - Tweetdeck and Tweetcaster connect with my Facebook account flawlessly.

Confused of Huddersfield.

  interzone55 08:53 09 Feb 2011

Yep, looks like they're having server issues on the m.facebook pages, as since yesterday all page links are inactive when using opera on Android, but work fine on the standard Android browser.

touch.facebook appears to be OK, but I don't like these pages

  Bingalau 09:00 09 Feb 2011

I don't have any problems on Facebook since I abandoned the use of it.

  DANZIG 23:35 11 Feb 2011

I've tried pretty much everything now.

Short of taking my phone to pieces I've taken everything off connected to Facebook, I've changed my password twice now just to see if that does any good.

Nothing yet. Numerous restarts later and still nothing has changed, admittedly earlier today I thought I'd cracked it but its just gone back to what the original post says.

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