problem with car central locking

  loafty 13:28 23 Mar 2006

can anyone help please,my son has just brought a secondhand Mazda rx7 and it has central locking.The problem now is the central locking has been working fine until a day or so ago now it will set the immobilizer But it wont lock the doors and the same in reverse it will disable immobilizer but it wont unlock the doors,Can anyone please tell me what could be the problem please as I have no idea at all

  freaky 15:20 23 Mar 2006

There is no simple answer as there could be many causes try the following: -

1)Check that the battery is OK in the remote control.

2)That the inside Sensor is not obscured or damaged.

Other than that a visit to your local Mazda dealer.

  €dstowe 16:31 23 Mar 2006

Just about every car I've had has had problems with electronic locking devices. Work for a couple of years ago and then nothing. My current Merc R500 gave up last week for the second time in eight months. This time I had a complete replacement of the security controlling electronics.

My point is that it's unlikely that you will be able to fix anything yourself (apart from changing the battery in the key fob) so the only thing to do is, as Freaky suggests, take it to a dealer.

  keith-236134 20:40 23 Mar 2006

LOL...he's having a laugh.......surely.

  beeuuem 22:23 23 Mar 2006

Does the central locking work if the doors are locked with the key?
If not, it sounds as if it is the central locking relay isn't working.From memory this relay is located under the dash centre console

  spuds 23:00 23 Mar 2006

Start with the cheapest possible solution first. Fit a new battery in the remote, about a £1 from most places.

  ade.h 23:20 23 Mar 2006

But change it quickly, and bear in mind that when these batteries go completely flat, the fob usually loses its settings and has to be reprogrammed by a dealer. £40-50 or more for the pleasure.

The best way to avoid that is to be in the habit of using the remote a decent distance from the vehicle where practical, and then you can easily notice when the battery gets weaker, as you have to get closer before it works.

  ajm 23:21 23 Mar 2006

Had a similar problem with my Honda a few months ago. In my case, the car battery was dead and jump starting the car resolved the problem

  freaky 09:15 24 Mar 2006

Not all fobs will lose their settings if the battery goes flat - my Honda Civic Type-R for instance does not.

My previous car a Puma, would lose it's settings, but there was a hack available from the Puma Owners Forum - you could re-program it via the numbered buttons on the radio saving £50.

  namtas 10:32 24 Mar 2006

It could be a number of things does the doors make any noise as if to close when you operate the key electronic control? and to repeat the question asked by beeuuem does the doors lock when you insert and operate the key? If they do then it is a problem with the motor on the drivers door lock motor which is not working, could be just a loose connection or else the motor has failed.

  ufos1234 08:43 12 Sep 2010

i have a ford territory if you lock the car it unlocks the car 15 mins after automatic,any one have a way of fixing this problem

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