Probate fees to rise....another tax?

  oresome 14:38 02 Mar 2017

Currently a fixed fee of either £155 (if applied for by a solicitor) or £215 (if applied for by an individual) is paid to the courts in order to grant probate, so executors can distribute the proceeds of someone’s will. The fee is only paid if an estate is worth more than £5,000.

From May, the fee will be banded with estates over £2 million costing £20,000. Even a more modest estate of £500,000 will cost £4,000 to administer. Under £50,000 will be free.

  wee eddie 15:41 02 Mar 2017

While I'm no Legal Eagle, it is pretty obvious that the previous fee did not cover the current costs. However I am not in a position to judge the new fees but, it is fairly obvious to me that the costs of the free Probates have to be covered by those that are higher up the scale.

It could be described as a Tax

  bumpkin 15:55 02 Mar 2017

A huge increase and yes another tax. Does this work on a scale or is it like stamp duty. i.e. will £51,000 be £4,000.

  wee eddie 16:30 02 Mar 2017

As your average Solicitor charges about £200 for raising an eyebrow, I think that it's unlikely to change the world, and 1% is not really that onerous

  Pine Man 16:32 02 Mar 2017

Call it what you like BUT governments, whoever they happen to be at the time, have to raise sufficient money to run the country and this appears to be a way of raising additional revenue, via the courts, from the estates of people who are no longer alive.

It's got to come from somewhere.

  martd7 17:42 02 Mar 2017

Cost me £1400 in solicitors fees to get Probate for my Dads estate,Wish it had been £215

  oresome 18:02 02 Mar 2017

Just to be clear, this fee is charged by the Government for granting probate and is on top of any costs associated with a solicitor's work in administering the will.

As house values are included, it will impact the South to a greater extent.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:22 02 Mar 2017

Die skint.

Then no-one will need to worry about probate.

  bumpkin 22:48 02 Mar 2017

It cost me £215 and not really difficult if you have the patience and inclination to plough through all the paperwork.

  bumpkin 22:51 02 Mar 2017

Die skint.

Easier said than done there is always few hundred grand floating about that can one can forget:-)

  Cymro. 14:26 03 Mar 2017

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

Even if we do see this as a tax increase I don't think we will complain about it as much we usually do with such things. If I should be lucky enough to inherit a few bob from someone I doubt if this extra charge will bother me all that much.

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