Probably my last desktop PC build

  chub_tor 13:35 13 Feb 2013

Or I could equally have called it "Is anyone buying desktop PCs any more?"

For the last 7 or 8 years each time I have upgraded my desktop I have been able to sell the old one via adverts in the local newspaper. Sometimes they have gone to others wishing to upgrade from their old machine and sometimes to students at Plymouth University needing a basic machine for internet surfing, emails and typing up their course work. Never have I had to re-insert the advertisement as the machines have always sold within a week. This year nothing and I have had two good fast PCs sitting around for weeks with nary a sniff of a call about them.

I can only presume that my potential buyers are looking for either tablets or laptops which take up less space and apart from storage offer everything that you can get with a desktop system.

I would be interested to know if others have found this to be the case.

  Chronos the 2nd 16:56 13 Feb 2013

I tend to do a complete build every two years but upgrade in between, awaiting a new case and fan controller and a couple of additions to my Prodigy build (Side window and mesh front panel) as I type. I have no problems selling on my components after an upgrade etc on another forum I am a member of.

But I cannot remember when I have sold a complete PC as I will make more in breaking them down and selling the components individually. I will add that it is still a loss making venture.

Us gamers will still want our desktop PC's and I cannot see that changing anytime soon.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 13 Feb 2013

Certainly the choice of desktops has gone right down in the high street stores you need to look online to Chillblast / Scan if wanting a desktop.

I certainly don't like working on a laptop, presentations and documents are all prepared on the desktop and transferred to the laptop for showing.

I'm in a quandary at the moment as I'm looking to upgrade but do I go for:

desktop or laptop ? windows 7 or 8?

pad? Ios android or windows?

Had my moneys worth out of the current machine reckon its cost me £2 a week not including electric :0)

  chub_tor 17:33 13 Feb 2013

Chronos the 2nd

To date I have never considered selling the individual parts as until now I have always been able to sell the complete machines locally but it has crossed my mind that it may be what I have to do (my wife is applying pressure to clear some of the space in the attic). Do you sell your parts on eBay or in the local press?

  Chronos the 2nd 17:50 13 Feb 2013


I do not sell on EBay much these days as the fees are over the top and to be honest it has gone from an auction site to little more than a shopping website.

No, another forum I am a long term member off has a thriving marketplace. Once a member has posted a certain amount of posts/threads and has acquired a reasonable rating then the marketplace becomes available. Some great bargains to be had and a good place to sell your unwanted components. In fact I have a couple of cases a load of cherry MX key-caps and a mobo to list sometime soon.

Occasionly I have used Gumtree but not often.

  chub_tor 17:54 13 Feb 2013

Fruit Bat /\0/\

I have a reasonably powerful desktop with a lot of storage that I use for video and photographic work, I am not a gamer, and it is still my machine of preference when I have a lot of typing to do because I like the natural ergonomic keyboard and the 23 inch screen. But it takes up space that arguably could be put to better use

The 17 inch laptop bought 4 years ago is now used exclusively by my wife, it can sit on the floor in the living room under a shelf and takes up little space.

Two years ago I bought a 10" HP netbook so that I could easily carry it on the plane and keep in touch with family in the UK while staying with another part of our family in Texas.

Just over a year ago I got a Samsung 10.1 Tablet which is even easier to transport and I chose it over the Apple equivalent partly on price/performance as it did all that I wanted and with the addition of a bluetooth keyboard it was easy to type long messages.

My wife took such an attraction to my tablet so knowing that she was off to China I gave that one to her while getting the latest Samsung 10.1 Note which has proved to be a joy to use. Dual core fast processor with micro SD additional storage allowing me to watch ripped DVDs while flying.

The laptop and netbook we hardly use now but I would not want to be without either my desktop or my tablet, I need both and incidentally I do have Windows 8 on the desktop which I think is a good OS. It is very fast to boot up and once you get the hang of the Metro screen (I have used Start8 for a virtual Win 7 desktop but I am using it less and less) then Windows 8 is easy to use with a mouse (it does help that my Microsoft mouse has a pivoting tilt wheel for horizontal scrolling).

  Diemmess 18:04 13 Feb 2013


The same thought has crossed my mind recently. Very little variety compared with say a year or perhaps two years ago.

I use my PC as a tool with many functions, though I have never been an IT professional. In the past I built new ones and passed the old ones down the family four offspring and many grand children.

Surprise surprise, ..... no more. The younger ones are deeply into the fancy and expensive gizmos where facebook and multi-purpose phones and other miniaturised gadgets leave even a laptop looking clumsy.

Diminished demand will certainly limit choice of PCs and may increase the price of those who still want it.

Well past my sell-by, I need a comfy stool and a broad desk to accommodate the PC, a decent printer and the other things that clutter behind and connect everything.

The PC is 5 years old but with XP, lots of RAM a big monitor and a a broad canvas of applications, I'm happy to continue as things are, until I have to change.......... to Windows 7

  spuds 11:12 14 Feb 2013

I stopped upgrading years ago, because it became a non cost saving or required exercise for me (perhaps a age thing?).

Wanting to experiment with Linux, and not wanting to mess up my other computers, including a laptop with Vista that I keep having problems with,I made an offer bid on eBay the other week, which I won by outbidding 17 times. For that I got a 'basic' Vista computer with 250GB hard-drive, 2GB memory a 19" Acer flat screen, new keyboard and new optical mouse for £47.01 plus about £10 petrol money for collection. Well satisfied with that purchase. Could have possibly bid on higher specification machines, but the travel for collection put the damper on considering anything on offer.

  lotvic 23:27 15 Feb 2013

spuds, don't know if you got a Vista DVD but you can still download from MS official direct download links if you need one Vista Links

  spuds 09:40 16 Feb 2013

lotvic- thanks for that. I tried the link but for some reason it would not open, possibly because I have added a new ad-blocker for this website?.

Will give it a try later, thanks again.

  spuds 09:43 16 Feb 2013

lotvic-Just tried the link again, and got straight in (?), so I have bookmarked it for later.

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