Privatisation of Dell

  Al94 15:17 05 Feb 2013
  Al94 15:19 05 Feb 2013

Sorry, link need subscription to view full content, this is better

  Al94 15:24 05 Feb 2013

Third time lucky! This should work!

  fourm member 15:25 05 Feb 2013
  fourm member 15:27 05 Feb 2013

It is interesting that one of the stated reasons is that a private company can take the time to do things right whereas a publicly traded company has to deliver every quarter.

  Al94 17:15 05 Feb 2013

Presumably the advantages are to allow time for prolonged radical restructuring and repositioning without public scrutiny and remove the threat of a hostile takeover bid.

  morddwyd 20:47 05 Feb 2013

Are Dell nationalised then? I didn't know that.

  fourm member 08:10 06 Feb 2013


Another of the joys of the English language.

I suppose 'taken private' would be better than 'privatisation' though that sounds like something that happens in the stationery cupboard during the office party.

  morddwyd 15:56 06 Feb 2013

I was still confused, but now I've read the news story (should have done that first!) I understand.

Dell is returning to private ownership, though it was never publicly owned!

As you say, the joys of the English language, like public schools which are very private!

  Al94 18:25 06 Feb 2013

Dell was a publically listed company owned by its shareholders. Michael Dell(with the aid of investors)is buying the company back from the shareholders so it becomes a private company again. This is how it was 25 years ago before Dell was floated on the stock market.

  morddwyd 07:09 07 Feb 2013


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