Prisons Almost Full

  Monoux 10:34 21 Oct 2006

I see on the news today that the government are advertising for the use of a ship to house prisoners. I hope P & O don't reply I would hate to loose my cruise I've worked hard for for low life to be incarcerated.I've small rowing boat about 50 could be put on !! Human rights for prisoners tough teddy

  dagbladet 10:52 21 Oct 2006

Because that's what they were hoping would happen. A commercial cruising company cancel a very lucrative cruise and lend them a luxury liner for the prisoners.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 11:58 21 Oct 2006

Ought to use a container ship with all the containers converted to cells, then sail around the North Atlantic in Winter.

  johndrew 12:02 21 Oct 2006

Many of these social ingrates live better inside than out and better than some law abiding people.

For my money the lot of them need a wake up call and a concrete floor in an overcrowded cell with poor quality food would be a good start. As for human rights, they should lose those completely when they infringe the rights of others.

  Kate B 12:30 21 Oct 2006

I think it's depressing that we're apparently returning to the days of the hulks - rotting ships that were moored in the Thames estuary - before the government came up with the wheeze of transporting people to Australia.

Those who advocate the "concrete floor in an overcrowded cell" clearly have forgotten that part of the point of our criminal justice system is supposed to be rehabilitation. I think it would be effective and sensible to focus on how criminals can be better rehabilitated to prevent reoffending and prison overcrowding.

  Al94 12:46 21 Oct 2006

Those who advocate the "softly softly" approach and rehabilitation have obviously lost sight of the fact that harsh punishment is more likely to be a deterrent. Our present system is clearly failing so let's try something different and focus on the human rights of the victims and less on the rights of the criminals who by their actions should be seen to have given up their rights.

  Tugwilson 12:47 21 Oct 2006

that is exactly the attitude that has brought us to the state we are in.Instead of pandering to the criminal,we should be making it quite clear that if they cross the line they will regret it for the rest of thier lives.not be given a chance to become a "Model Citizen" at the cost of everybody else.If you feel so strongly about it i suggest you voluteer to have these ex-murderes,rapists,child molesters and the rest of the scum staying with you during thier""
Rehabilitation" period

  STREETWORK 13:19 21 Oct 2006

Could send them to Australia, again...

  johndrew 13:26 21 Oct 2006

If it were down to me there would be a genuine deterent in the criminal justice system. I believe in both capital and corporal punishment as both a deterent and tariff.

Further, in the days when prisoners were forced to work, rather than laze around playing games and watching TV, they began to appreciate their freedom.

What deterent exists today, a threat by a sociologist that unless they attend group therapy they wont be allowed to watch their favourite film? No, a rotting captured French hulk is what they deserve. However, I would not wish them on any other society, so unless their is still an uninhabited island that could be used, deportation must (unfortunately) be rulled out.

  JaneAusten 13:30 21 Oct 2006

High rise prisons!

  Jimmy14 13:32 21 Oct 2006

I say we should bring Capital punishment here. Clearly overcrowded prisons and ship measures show how bad it really is. One thing I hate about the UK is their criminal justice system. You get sent down for a so called life sentence for murdering someone and whats next you're out in about 15/20 years. It is a disgrace. You kill someone then you don't have the right to life so capital punishment it is. Infact, we will let someone out on parole and what do they do, carry out a more serious crime even killing someone or other things and go back to jail. As you all would have heard we already have 2 terror suspects escaped from a mental institution. What is wrong with this place?

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