The Prisoner remake.

  gengiscant 10:10 18 Apr 2010

Apart from being absolute rubbish , I was confused. Not so much from the story line, I not sure if there was one, but I was confused over the main characters clothing changes, sometimes in mid walk.
His jacket disappeared whilst carrying the old man in the beginning of the program.

Later when he is picked up by the doctor in the desert, he has no jacket, when he gets out of the car it has returned.

Finally in the hospital following the explosion he is wearing white Teeshirt, green jumper and green jacket. As he leaves the hospital the jacket and jumper have disappeared and he is wearing a green shirt over his white Teeshirt, a little later the white Teeshirt is replaced by a black one.
Now I know this post is a little nerdy but these clothing changes just seemed to jump out at me and perhaps they are part of the overall storyline/plot.

Maybe I should just get a life. LOL.

  Quickbeam 10:12 18 Apr 2010

"Apart from being absolute rubbish , I was confused"
Are we talking about the original or the remake... please clarify more;)

  dagbladet 10:25 18 Apr 2010

Well the thread is titled "The Prisoner remake", so I'm guessing the OP is referring to that.

It wasn't as quirky as the original, but as my brain struggles to work with abstract, I quite enjoyed the new one. Early days though.

  Forum Editor 11:43 18 Apr 2010

I was talked into it by my wife.

I thought it was absolutely awful, the writing was dire, the acting less than good, and the clichés were thick on the ground. I will not be repeating the experience.

  Covergirl 08:34 19 Apr 2010

Quirky; abstract; confusing; lack of continuity ? Certainly!

Spy fiction; fantasy; counterculture; certainly!

I don't think the original 60s series made much sense either.

I'll give it another go (or two).

  interzone55 10:13 19 Apr 2010

Given a choice of this or Graham Norton Over the Rainbow I'll choose The Prisoner any day.

For another remake I watched the pilot of the new version of V on Sky 3's free weekend pass. The original series still traded on the Cold War paranoia just like The Prisoner, but that's all gone now, so I noticed that the remake managed to shoe-horn a terrorism plot instead...

  Quickbeam 12:17 19 Apr 2010

"Given a choice of this or..."
My choices in addition to your restrictive two are radio, books, t'internet, conversation, hobby or silent bliss via the off button...

  interzone55 13:37 19 Apr 2010

I was in the Gym at the time and the only stations on the TVs built into the bikes are BBC1, ITV, 4 Music, VIVA & Sky Sports News, so really Graham Norton & The Prisoner were my only choices.

Now if Georgie Thompson had been on Sky at the time I'd have had a third choice of viewing...

  Quickbeam 13:41 19 Apr 2010

Surely there's an off button choice?

  interzone55 13:55 19 Apr 2010

"Surely there's an off button choice?"

Yes there is, but that means you get the loud dance music - If I wanted to listen to that I'd go to a club.

Really, if there was a suitable choice available that didn't involve watching a dodgy remake of the Prisoner I'd have taken it...

  Quickbeam 13:59 19 Apr 2010

Then that only leaves the option of going to the gym at a time of a favourite programme airing;)

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