Price of OJ rises significantly

  Grey Goo 11:00 11 Jan 2012

Not him but the good old Egnaro juice is the latest victim of cold weather in Florida and fungicide contamination from Brazil. Those that drink the stuff may need to lay in supplies.

  Quickbeam 11:32 11 Jan 2012
  morddwyd 20:24 11 Jan 2012

Oh Dear. Yet more austerity sacrifices.

Vodka tonic instead of vodka orange juice.

  Quickbeam 08:39 12 Jan 2012

The missing link I never knew that OJ futures as a trading commodity existed, I thought it was just a consumable product. Anyway I would say that morddwyd should rest easy and carry on with vodka & orange, vodka's horrid with tonic, that only works with gin. A few drop of Angostura bitters in either with the OJ improves both no end.

  interzone55 10:01 12 Jan 2012


On Wall Street you can invest in any commodity "Future", which is the reason a lot of products have had price surges when supply falls short

  morddwyd 10:07 12 Jan 2012

"I never knew that OJ futures as a trading commodity existed"

The whole plot of the excellent film "Trading Places" is based on OJ futures.

  Quickbeam 10:24 12 Jan 2012

Ah, I see where the thread title came from now, I've not seen the film.

What about pomegranate juice for your vodka? That's quite nice too.

  spuds 11:02 12 Jan 2012

I seem to recall when Florida in the good ol' USA had a disaster with their citrus fruit harvesting, and how that was going to effect the world. Surprising how the same commodity can be sourced elsewhere, and a few can make large profits on a scare rumour?.

Providing extra additives to Vodka, is like adding extra water to whisky (whiskey) ;o)

  Quickbeam 08:12 13 Jan 2012

But vodka like gin is a fairly flavour neutral cocktail spirit, awful on it's own, but takes a very flavour neutral part in making an excellent cocktail with any other flavours taking the primary flavour, as Gordon's Gin claim on their labels the heart of a good cocktail.

Whiskey, brandy, whisky or bourbon are powerfully full flavoured spirits that retain their base flavour whatever you put in them, even when drowned in mixer!

As for shouldn't mix anything with a spirit, everyone to their own. I can't drink any spirit neat anymore without getting instant heartburn, so I don't. A little ice or soda is now my choice to tame malt.

  interzone55 08:24 13 Jan 2012


When tasting a new whisky I always try it neat, then with a few drops of tap water. With a good whisky the flavour profile can change dramatically when a little water is added.

In a bar I will normally ask for a single ice cube in whisky, so as it dissolves the flavour alters gradually.

As for those who say you should never add water to whisky, how do you think the distilleries get the whisky from the cask strength of 55-60% down to the more exchequer friendly 40%?

  Quickbeam 08:32 13 Jan 2012

I like that change that you get from a single an ice cube, from neat to watered, from cold to warm, within half an hour you get a hundred or more subtle changes out of one drink.

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